Top 10 best-selling used cars of 2017 in Nigeria

In 2017, Nigerians continued to upgrade their rides and buy new cars. Most Nigerian car buyers prefer to buy used vehicles, since it’s the most affordable way to own your dream model. Find out which 10 cars were the most popular ones among Nigerian buyers this year!

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10. Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra was introduced in the early 1990s and it didn’t take too long for the Elantra to become one of the most popular sedans all over the world. Today, Hyundai Elantra keeps getting better and offering drivers impeccable build quality, roomy interior, outstanding fuel economy, and a undoubtedly satisfying ride.

9. Peugeot 406

The Peugeot 406 hasn’t been in production for over a decade, and yet it remains among the top selling family cars in Nigeria. The unique French chic is tied together with surprising agility, which means the Peugeot 406 is not only an exceptionally good-looking vehicle, but also a remarkably sturdy and durable one.

8. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is a car that seems to have it all: the luxury amenities, the exquisite styling, the admirable off-road capabilities, and steady performance in any situation. The luxury SUV may not be an overcrowded car segment, but the Range Rover Sport is clearly winning.

7. Volkswagen Golf

There are cars that are popular for a few months or years after the release, and then there are iconic models that span over generations. The Volkswagen Golf, one of the best selling compact cars in the history, is still going strong. Known for its reliability, fuel economy, upscale cabin design, mild ride, and ultimate comfort features, the Volkswagen Golf is a great choice of a small vehicle.

6. Nissan Pathfinder

Truck-based SUVs like the Nissan Pathfinder have been strongly growing their popularity in the last decades. They are a much more exciting alternative to station wagons and other family cars while having all the advantages of a big and comfortable SUV. No wonder the Nissan Pathfinder hasn’t lost a bit of its popularity in 2017!

5. Acura MDX

The Acura MDX originated as a restyled Honda Pilot but then went on to have its own successful production history. With a three-row seating and advanced safety characteristics the Acura MDX is a top choice of a family ride, while sharp handling and excellent performance make it simply a pleasure to drive.

4. Lexus RX350

Sometimes all you need from a vehicle is mind-blowing performance, but most buyers are ready to sacrifice part of the performance features for comfort, durability, and good looks. The Lexus RX350, one of the best-known luxury SUVs, may not have the most memorable performance, but it makes up for it with a variety of other outstanding features.

3. Honda Accord

Thousands of used Honda Accord cars are sold every year in Nigeria for one simple reason: you can hardly find an affordable and beautifully designed vehicle that is as pleasant to drive as the Honda Accord. Fuel economy, flawless engineering, easy maintenance, roomy cabin, and high resale value - what more could you wish for?

2. Toyota Corolla

While Toyota Corolla is only the second best-selling car in Nigeria, it’s actually the top selling model in the world. Introduced half a century ago, Toyota Corolla went through numerous redesign that only made the original car better. Today, Corolla is mostly known for its durability - you can easily go for over 100,000 kilometers without major repair!

1. Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular choices of a family-oriented sedan thanks to its comfy cabin and cutting-edge safety features, but the truth is that Toyota Camry is able to satisfy any category of buyers. Camry works equally well for first-time buyers and experienced car owners and is the go-to car for millions of drivers.

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