How to lighten your skin with the help of camwood?

Many of us want to have a well-groomed and beautiful skin. Black soap for skin lighting with the use of camwood powder is possible to make at home with your own hands. But what are other benefits of camwood?

What is camwood?

Camwood is a dyeing tree of Baphia nitida delivered to Europe from Africa in the shape of small crimson pieces and it is very close to sandalwood by its properties. It contains about 20% of santalin and is valued even more than the real sandalwood. Different cosmetics that are based on the camwood are wodely used by women all over West Africa for common skin problems such as Acne, Eczema, blemishes or extreme dry skin.

Camwood for skin lightening

Every woman dreams of a clean skin without pigment spots and sometimes we need to lighten the skin and for that purpose, powder made of camwood can help us out. By lightening skin, we mean reducing skin tone to get brighter. How does camwood powder contributes in making our skin soft without any dermal alterations?

Camwood powder contains amazing antioxidants that help to improve blood circulation to your face, get rid of toxins and create a powerful skin protection from wrinkle formation. Various camwood powder masks are also good for sun damaged skin and help teens to cope with pimples.

Lightening black soap

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This black soap helps to manage such skin problems, as greasy luster, acne, black dots, pigmental spots, psoriasis, eczema. It clears, nourishes, protects and refreshes skin. It is good for any type of skin, including child’s skin and sensitive skin. This type of soap can be applied both for the care of skin and hair.

How to make lightening black soap at home?

Apart from camwood powder we need to add some other ingredients. For instance, shea butter which is the natural filter of ultraviolet and vegetable glycerin that provides softening of skin. The black soap has to boil for a whole day, the mixture must be stirred constantly.

There are plenty of camwood powder benefits which you can try on yourself. Tell us your opinion on camwood benefits for skin!

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