Top work from home jobs in Nigeria in 2017

It`s a digital world and this means you don't need to travel long distances to get to your place of work! All you need is your laptop and internet connection! That`s all! A lot of companies prefer to use a virtual space to hire young specialists. Therefore, work from home jobs in Nigeria are becoming quite popular! Let`s take a look at the Top 10 work at home jobs in Nigeria!

Top 10 work from home jobs in Nigeria 2017!

10. Home Tutoring

Teaching students from your home can be the profession of your dream. It's an ideal type of work where you don`t need to leave your home space! All you need is a laptop! You can teach students all over the world! You can also teach all genders and generations! You don't need to go to an educational institution to get your work space. If you are popular enough, you can also travel around the world and make money from all over the world. It all depends on your teaching skills and personality!

9. Online Store

Having just a physical store is not enough to make your business successful and modern. If you really want to promote your products in 2017, then you just might need to open an online store! The goods can be delivered to the clients through various couriers. Now, people are becoming more aware of online shopping and they prefer it to physical shopping where you need to take a trip to a mall to get your products! An online store is a very popular niche where you can promote your products!

8. Forex Trading

If you are good at numbers and analysis, then you need to try forex trading as one of the work from home job opportunities in Nigeria! However, you should be very careful with Forex trading. It`s not like a lottery or blackjack! Before you start, you need to study Forex trading! Do not misunderstand it as some game of luck! You will need to use almost all your wit to analyze market statistics of different currencies. In addition, you will need to predict currency values for different periods of time!

7. Paid Online Surveys

Why should you go to a job where your opinion means nothing? You can work with services where your thoughts can make a difference. It`s not the most profitable opportunity in Nigeria, but you can start small. Paid surveys can really make a difference in your life. You may start from as much as $1 per survey! Also, some online services may provide you as much as $30 per survey!

6. Food Production

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Do you like to cook, but don't have a restaurant? Your kitchen can become your restaurant! All you need is an online platform to promote your products! For instance, you can bake cakes! They will never go out of fashion! Every birthday party, wedding or any other event needs a cake! So, why don`t you post your beautiful cakes on Instagram? Every “like” is a potential client! So, an online promotion can be your chance for further financial success!

5. Web-Design

It`s one of the most promising work from home job opportunities in Nigeria! But you will still need some time to acquire skills in web designing! You will first need to study this discipline and practice it! Did you know that web-design can lead you to make half of a million Naira per month? Don't forget that various IT giants also hire web designers as part-time workers. After that, they can become full-time workers!

4. Freelance Writing

You can also try to work at home as a freelance writer! There are thousands of job opportunities for freelance writers! If you can hold readers` attention and write a fantastic article, then you need to try this sphere of worl! A 500-word article can make you up to $3 per word if you write it right. How much time will you spend to write this short article? If you can type and think fast enough, then it should take no more than five minutes. One article can be sold for up to $60! It all depends on your skills.

3. YouTube Vlog

It`s another type of job where you can show your creativity. If you have interesting ideas about video content for your channel, then you can make at least N150,000 per month. YouTube has billions of viewers. Some videos can even have several billion views! That's millions of dollars! What kind of videos should you upload to YouTube? If you really want to make money, then you need to upload prank videos, vlogs, production reviews and so on!

2. Virtual Assistant

If you are good at multitasking, then you may become a virtual assistant! This kind of job may not require any special education! All you need is to have good communication and multitasking skills! Do not forget that this job also requires you to have a polite tone! You will need to make calls, answer emails and have a lot of other responsibilities. If you can do this, then you can make up to $10 per hour!

1. Translating

Even if people have already created thousands of different programs to translate from one language to another – it does not mean that translators can't earn money! If you can speak foreign languages – why don't you make money from it? It can dramatically change your life! You can make up to $50 per one page of translated text if you are a good translator!

Work from home jobs in Nigeria!

It`s a digital era where you don`t need to leave your house to earn money! Therefore, why don't you try to make some money from the Internet? You are not limited to one country on the Internet! You now have thousands of possibilities to earn money if you really want to! What are you waiting for! Start working online today!

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