Jackie Appiah and husband Peter Agyemang: are they still together?

We have some information about the personal life of the famous Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah. What had happened to Jackie Appiah and husband Peter Agyemang? Find out here!

Jackie Appiah husband

Jackie Appiah is a 33-year-old actress. She has received an impressive number of awards during her career. But the actress seems to also be thriving in her personal life too.

Jackie Appiah married Peter Agyemang in 2005. They have a handsome son. The couple was married for three years. But like a lot of couples, they ended up facing some serious marital issues that they were not able to solve. They had a number of disagreements. It seemed that their marriage was on the verge of collapse for some time. So, eventually, Jackie Appiah and Peter Agyemang decided to get a divorce.

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After their divorce, the media released a whole bunch of rumours regarding her ex-husband. People were describing him as a dangerous person. Peter Agyemang accused his wife of being a liar. Jackie has come out to deny all these. After that issue, the actress moved to another house.

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It was very obvious that the former couple did not have a very good relationship. Both were very angry at each other.

This seems to beg the question: does love have a shelf life? At the beginning of the marriage, the couple is so happy together. Everybody envy the newly married couple. But at some point, something goes terribly wrong and the Love simply recedes to the background.

Now everything seems to be fine with Jackie Appiah. She is happy with her new boyfriend Bobby Obodo. This couple sure looks content and joyous when they are in photos together. Let’s hope that this love story will not have boundaries and sad endings!

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