Keep in mind ❖ WAEC registration closing date 2017 ❖ Be on time!

When is WAEC registration closing date 2017? Do you want to know the details of the WAEC Online Registration? Hurry up! Time passes quickly! Don’t waste your opportunity!

If you want to take West African Senior School Certificate Examinations, you should know some important information. All the data listed below is only for private applicants.

First of all, you must visit the official website of WAEC registration portal:

Then you have to take some steps for the WAEC online registration. Before this you should have the following important requirement:

- A special computer program should be installed on your computer to download your biometric data (fingerprints included.) You can read the details on the site.

- You must use solely Digital Persona scanners.

- On the website, you should read all the necessary rules and and regulations about the WAEC examination.

- You can take the time-table for WASSCE Private Candidates 2017. It will be available two weeks before the exam. Check the website, please.The WAEC Syllabus must be downloaded too.

- If you have any difficulties, you can contact them for support (the e-mail and phone number can be found on the site).

- You also have to download a blank of WAEC registration form there. You should know that the Normal Registration PIN or Code costs 13,950.00 NGN.

Registration instruction

1. You must register your fingerprints and enter other personal data with the help of the special computer program. If you have no fingerprint scanner, you can visit a Registration Centre for this procedure. Be sure that your Surname, First name, and other names are entered using the Biometric Data Capture program.

2. You must enter your biometrical data such as:

• gender

• disability (if you have)

• marital status

• maiden name (if you have)

• date of birth

• nationality

• state of origin

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Be aware that your name cannot be longer than forty symbols including spaces between them. Besides, you should tick “NONE” in the “disability” space if you are not disabled.

3. You have to download your scanned passport photo. The photo background must be white. All the requirements of the photo in relation to size and format are indicated on the site.

4. You need to enter your contact information with the valid phone number, email, residential, and postal addresses.

5. You have to choose the state and town you want to take the exam in. The necessary center will be automatically provided by the system. Be attentive: you cannot change your exam town after the submission of registration.

6. Two subjects are obligatory. They are English and Mathematics. Your task is to choose any other subjects you want. You should select not less than seven and not more than nine subjects (English and Math included).

7. You must read the declaration chapter attentively and mark the checkboxes before you submit the registration.

8. When you fill in the registration form, you have to press “accept.” Then you can see your registration details. If you want to correct something press “edit.” You can make any corrections only three times. You should push “save” to save your registration. At last click on “submit”. Pay attention that you cannot correct anything after you push “submit.”

9. After the mentioned above procedures the system will select a center for you and give you your exam number. After that, you have to print out the notice of admission/photo. You should note the document will be demanded when you enter the exam hall.

When is WAEC registration ending?

Be attentive that the procedure of registration on West African Senior School Certificate Examinations will be concluded on the 28th of July, 2017. Time is running by! Make sure you work fast..

Here are the general exam rules:

• You have to know the exam fees are irrevocable.

• You should start your procedure of registration by sending your fingerprints electronically.

• Your passport photos must be of perfect quality.

• You can use registration pin/code to download from anywhere.

• All the necessary information about the exam are on the website. You must read them attentively.

• If you have lost your pin code, you have to buy another one.

• You must wear only plain clothes on the exam day. Any kind of uniform is prohibited.

• You can make only one entry.

• Don’t smoke in the exam hall.

• Cell phones or other electronic devices are prohibited in the exam hall.

• Any abuse is prohibited.

• After taking the exam, any requests for modifying or alteration will not be accepted.

Fill in the registration form in a proper way and on time. Don’t forget about the WAEC registration closing date. Believe in yourself and good luck!

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