Useful info for students interested in Unilorin cut off mark 2018

Are you planning to become a student of University of Ilorin? Then you should know UNILORIN cut off mark. We provided all latest information in the article below.

When considering candidates, the admission committee takes into account two types of marks: JAMB and O level results.

JAMB cut off mark

In accordance with the general statement for all universities, prospective students must have at least 180 points. UNILORIN followed this rule. If you scored less than 180 points, you will not be able to become a student of this educational institution.

Take into account that this year's competition is very tense. The high JAMB mark plays a crucial role. With good results you can choose the most popular and prestigious specialties.

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It is not recommended to relax if you have 180 points. This level is not enough to enroll in some UNILORIN courses. If you have 220 points, there will be virtually no restrictions in choosing a specialty. However, even this high result is perceived just as a minimal University of Ilorin cut off mark at some faculties.

As you can see, there is a direct relationship between your success at admission and the JAMB score.

O level marks

There are 50 O level marks. Each grade is tied to certain mark:

Simple logic works here. You need to get as many A marks as possible. And vice versa, a large number of C marks can push your candidacy to the background. Try to get a lot more points than prescribed by the minimum level in order to obtain a place in the university.

UNILORIN courses and their cut off mark

The enrollment process can vary depending on the direction chosen by the student. In fact, you can apply for any courses if you have at least 180 points. But you should understand that the real selection will take place according to the cut off mark of each faculty. Find your course in the detailed list below:

Now you know the cut off mark for UNILORIN. We hope that your knowledge will be enough to start a bright, interesting and fruitful student life in one of the best universities in Nigeria. Good luck!

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