Hottest ankara dresses of 2017 you will definitely want to try!

Every year brings its own fashion. 2017 is no exception. African ethnic Ankara fashion has been trendy for quite a while and designers are going to make great effort in 2017 to please Ankara fashionistas that enjoy diversity most of all.

We have selected several outstanding Ankara dress styles that will make you very special in the crowd. Ankara dress style is so unique and bright that the only thing you’ll have to do is rush to your tailor and order your new luxurious dress!

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Ankara gowns are very versatile and suit ladies of various body types. Regardless of the length you choose – long or short, you will look awesome.

If you opt for long gowns - don’t make them too tight while short gowns look best when fitted.

Check out our collection of ankara dresses!

#1. Red cozy wrap dress

This lined African print wrap Maxi dress features side pockets and cozy Butterfly sleeves.

#2. Blossom High-Low blouse

This high-low design blouse will win your heart with its African print and cut-out sleeves. It is zipped on the back.

#3. Posh African print high-low dress Pink

This creased African print dress features a metal zipper and a mesh lining.

#4. Isi Maxi in blue light

African print maxi skirt is made of premium quality cotton fabric including the lining.

#5. Maxi Infinity in blue

Made from the highest quality wax fabric, this infinity dress is very versatile and can be transformed into 6 different dresses. It features African print and two cozy pockets.

#6. Mini Infinity in Green

This African print infinity dress can also be worn in a number of ways.

#7. Morning dew Ankara jacket/dress

This handmade masterpiece can be worn as a dress or a jacket. There’s no lining but there are two pockets.

#8. Dashiki Jacket/Dress

This jacket is also versatile and can be worn as a dress for your gorgeous look.

#9. Ankara Fly-Crop Top

This short top features a V-neck, a back zipper and a “cold shoulder” design.

#10. Ankara butterfly Dress

This amazing dress can be worn with high pants, shorts or skirts.

#11. Circle Bun Dress

This fabulous Ankara print dress features cold shoulders, beaded embellishments and a peter-pan collar. It can be worn with trousers as well.

#12. Morning Skirt Dress

#13. Trench dress with sash

This trendy dress with a colorful waist can be worn as a dress, a trench coat or as an open top with you comfy leggings!

#14. Ankara dress

This handmade Ankara dress has two handy side pockets and no lining.

#15. Ankara Dress Coat

This tailored flouncing pleated coat has comfy side pockets and is fully-lined.

#16. Two Step Ankara dress

This Red and Black Peplum dress is for really special occasions when you have to be an eye-candy. The elegant peplums will add infinite grace to your divine look!

#17. Jacqueline shift dress

Aso Ebi Styles Inspired By Ankara Fabric

Aso Ebi dresses are now made of Ankara fabric and are affordable to every Nigerian woman. Look at these gorgeous Ankara Aso Ebi styles and get one for yourself!

Nigerian Lace Brim and Blouse Styles

There is a great choice for a sophisticated fashionista looking for Ankara Lace, brim blouses, playsuits and jump suit, gorgeous dresses, ever-trendy pencil skirt, etc. Ankara styles are various and you can always choose the one to suit your style and body type!

Ankara wedding gown

Ankara wedding gown is becoming fashionable to the pure delight of brides! Designers are experimenting with styles that can be created with ankara fabric aka “dutch wax” and “kente”. This fabric is really universal and is even used for wedding dresses and bridal trains.

Just check out these gorgeous ankara wedding gown styles for inspiration!

Choose your perfect Ankara dress – and make your day the one to remember!

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