Bobrisky's before and after pictures you've never seen

This Nigerian celebrity has been shocking the audience for already a few years. People are calling him ‘a Nigerian gay’ and ‘a weirdo’. However, Bobrisky’s pictures and his appearance, in general, are really provocative.

Who is Bobrisky?

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Bobrisky is a popular Nigerian man in Snapchat. Bobrisky has more than 25 thousand views per day on this social media app. The guy’s real name is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju. Bobrisky always wanted to become the girl. He likes to post different raunchy stuff and also chart dirty things. Mostly because of this, Bobrisky’s Instagram has a lot of fans who love him.

Nigerian male Barbie doll first had been as dark as night then became as white as snow. He is very popular as a bleaching expert too.

Nigerians are really shocked at Bobrisky’s biography his lifestyle in general. So they can’t handle this transformation: from a black man to a white lady. People say a lot of stuff but Bobrisky is firing back all the time. He has written on his Facebook account that he doesn't care about rumors about him because as far as he is counting his millions and also helping people, paying his tithes to Lord, he is totally fine!

Bobrisky’s before and after pictures:

Is Bobrisky gay?

People say yes and he proves it. He keeps telling about his man, who has become a sponsor for him. The most intriguing and interesting thing about him is Bobrisky’s secret partner. The man says that his partner is the fourth richest man in whole Africa. The Instagram star also adds that a partner has given him Benz and about 7 million Nairas.

He even posted the photo of the money in his social account once! Moreover, Bobrisky also adds that his babe is going to buy the house for Bobrisky just next to famous Linda Ikeji at luxurious Banana Island. But who is this millionaire? It is still a mystery.

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