Nigerian Army recruitment 2017: how to fill in the form?

Do you want to become the participant of one of the most prestigious services of Nigeria, taking part in which will give you many privileges in the future and will provide tremendous career? Many young citizens seek to join to Nigerian army, but they don't know how to do it. Today we will understand how to get to Nigerian army.

Learn the Nigerian army recruitment list:

• The participant has to have citizenship of Nigeria and a Nigerian nationality,

• The age of each applicant has to be from 24 to 29 years,

• The reference about full health of the applicant is necessary,

• The applicant has to be not lower than 165 cm,

• Lack of a criminal record,

• The applicant has to provide the certificate from the previous educational institutions,

• The participant should have no tattoos, piercing or other changes of a body.

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Having studied Nigerian army recruitment and having convinced that you correspond to them, you can fill in the Nigerian army recruitment form. The algorithm of procedure when filling the questionnaire is the following:

• Specify the e-mail address,

• Receive login and the password by e-mail,

• Load the copy of the passport,

• Specify all educational institutions, in which you studied,

• Specify all certificates from the general education organizations,

• Attach the copy of the certificate at work,

• Attach the copy of the document, confirming your belonging to a nationality of Nigeria,

• Specify age and add the copy of the birth certificate,

If you have successfully passed this stage, you will be invited to an interview. The commission will check your physical abilities. The questions are similar to those, which usually the directors ask on an interview. These are the general questions of plans for the future, study, career, hobbies. Of course, prepare for a question of why you have chosen the army of Nigeria. You have to feel sure in an interview. It is an important part.

You can find Nigerian army recruitment form 2016/2017 on the official Nigerian army recruitment website. Fill it and wait for an answer.

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