5 common misconceptions about Calabar women

5 common misconceptions about Calabar women

A lot of people in Nigeria have certain misconceptions about other tribes. We live in a country with many tribes and it is always easy to have a negative impression of a particular tribe, especially when you’re not from there.

You must have heard things like Calabar women are fetish, they are superwomen in bed and so on.

The conception some people have about Calabar women goes to show how ignorant people can be. Someone tells you Calabar women are this and that, they can do this, and so on and so forth and you just take it hook, line and sinker.

Before you believe anything you hear about Calabar women, you need to get your facts because some of the people feeding you with such information have never had an encounter with a Calabar woman.

Here are five of the biggest misconceptions about Calabar women.

1. They are fetish

5 common misconceptions about Calabar women

Calabar women have been accused of using fetish ways to lure men, especially other women’s husband. Some believe that men who leave their partners for Calabar women do not do so of their own will, but are acting under spell. This is just is misconception which has no truth to it. The next time your man leaves you for a Calabar woman, maybe you should try finding out why instead of blaming it on one charm or the other.

2. Calabar women love sex and are good in bed

5 common misconceptions about Calabar women

Ask anyone about a Calabar girl and the first thing they’ll tell you is, they are good in bed. There is a widely held belief Calabar women are very active sexually. Being sexually active has nothing to do with tribe and there is no scientific evidence to show that Calabar women are more sexually active than others. Besides, no one can point any state or tribe that 'hate' sex.

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3. Calabar women are ‘husband snatchers’

5 common misconceptions about Calabar women

You must have heard people say, “Don’t ever take a Calabar girl to your boyfriend or husband’s house. It is believed by some people that Calabar women are good at ‘snatching’ other people’s men. The truth is, anybody could ‘snatch’ your partner, irrespective of the tribe or state the person comes from.

4. They can’t speak English and have strong accents

5 common misconceptions about Calabar women

In every tribe, there are people with strong accents. There are many Calabar women who can speak very good English and don't have strong accents.

5. Calabar women are good cooks and good home keepers

5 common misconceptions about Calabar women

True, most Calabar women are good cooks, but, being a good cook has nothing to do with tribe. There are still some Calabar women out there who don’t even know to boil rice. If you’re scared that a Calabar woman will steal your man from you because she’s a good cook, you better go and learn how to cook.

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