Breaking: Panic as fresh earth tremor rocks Kaduna community

Breaking: Panic as fresh earth tremor rocks Kaduna community

Fresh earth tremor that rocked the Kwoi community in Jaba local government area of Kaduna state forced the residents to leave their home, the Punch reports.

The incident was reportedly accompanied by a heavy vibration. An earlier tremor had occurred on September 19 around 3am.

Many of the residents too had commenced fleeing the community.

Following the incidents, schools in the city were closed down and students, who had just recommenced from the long vacation, were asked to return home.

One of the locals narrated: "Today’s tremor was very loud. It was louder than the previous ones. Some schools were forced to close. They sent their students back home.

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“Mallam Maude School, LEA Central Primary School and Sabzuro Primary School were some of the schools which were forced to close as a result of the sound of the tremor. They were afraid that something worse might happen.

“The heavy vibration of the tremor happened around 9 am today. It also occurred on Monday around 3am. The sound of Monday’s tremor was not as loud and devastating as the one of this morning.

“The Chairman, Mr. Ben Kure, is saying that people should be calm and stay where they are. But, the people are already frightened and they are in shock.

“When the incident happened again today, many of us who were thinking otherwise before decided to leave the town, especially the women and children. This is because we don’t know probably the whole town may sink when another one happens. And the government is not doing anything for now to evacuate people.”

However, Dr. Idowu Abbas, the head of geography department of Kaduna State University, said that the continual of earth tremor might lead to a major earthquake.

He advised the government to place the community on a watch list for a probable evacuation.

Mr. Abbas said: “It is unfortunate that the tremor happened but it is not unusual. This is because it can happen anywhere and at any time as long as there is movement underneath the earth surface. It can happen anywhere, it is just unfortunate that it happened in Kwoi.

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“The tremor could be a signal of a bigger incident in Kwoi. And it still depends on what happens within the earth surface. I think the Nigerian Space, Research and Development Agency is already looking into that.  Honestly speaking earth tremor is a small earth quake, the major earth quake can come.”

Kaduna state suffered from two earth tremors in recent times.

On Sunday, September 11, 2016 at about 1pm an earth tremor hit the Jaba community of the Kwoi area of Kaduna state.

On Monday, September 12, 2016, the earth tremor repeated, throwing residents into panic.

Source: Legit Nigeria

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