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APC and the road map to 2019 election

APC and the road map to 2019 election

When Nigerians voted the current administration into office in 2015, expectations were high as many thought Buhari's government would be a bed of roses, but now looks as if Nigerians are sitting on the throne of despair as the situation now looks hopeless for a common man on the street.

The massive rejection and defeat PDP suffered in the 2015 general election was connected with expectation and hope the masses repose on Goodluck Jonathan's administration in which the opposite happened.

Nigerians then spoke through their votes and APC got the mantle of power in which the masses are of the opinion that the marriage of the involved parties that gave birth to APC would definitely alleviate the suffering of the people and also curb the menace of insecurity.

The expectation was huge that they believed that President Buhari who was not green in the affair of this nation would be a great alternative.

With so much experience and his stern approach to zero tolerance for corruption would put the nation in a vantage position economically.

APC and the road map to 2019 election

President Buhari

But public opinion started forming when the presidency delayed the list of his cabinet and this singular notion wakes the opposition party that the masses believed that the defeated party has been buried politically.

The list of the executives was sent to the red chamber for formalities. It was with a rude shock seeing the same set of people that are allegedly to be corrupt made the list and this again sharpen the axe of the opposition as it was indeed a re circling leadership in which all these may pose a threat to APC in 2019.

Boko Haram incessant killing

It was a known fact that what led to the defeat of PDP in 2015 was largely the kid glove the ruling party employed in tackling the menace of boko haram. T

he half of the North East in Nigeria have been taken by these terrorists. The hope was pretty well on ÀPC led administration that the activities of these terrorists would be checked knowing fully that the President was a General in the Army and the Chibok girls would be rescued with immediate alacrity but the reverse was the case and it now looks that these terrorists would never be conquered despite the military tact the President possessed.

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APC and the road map to 2019 election

Boko Haram militants making threats

Vandalisation of pipe lines by Avengers

Nigerians worried in a hurry, seeing another threat to the national unity coming out with temerity not minding the military might. They vandalised pipe lines and kidnapped the officials, the militants would even without fear face the gallant soldiers.

The masses were put in another thinking mood and thousands of Nigerians are now asking rhetorically if this is the “change” they were promised and all these further strengthened the opposition to criticize the APC led government.

Fulani/Herdsmen killings

A nation without a conscience must definitely have a leadership who throw caution to the wind. The killings by these heard men were so glaring that many part of this nation experienced the unrest of these Fulani herdmens' killings and kidnap. The killings and damages were almost becoming a normal activities and the presidency was very slow to attack this issue and this indeed suggested that GMB was clanished in nature. The opposition gained momentum greatly as they use the media to gain cheap score card, even though the truth is sacred.

APC and the road map to 2019 election

Niger Delta Avengers government.

ÀPC internal crisis

Charity begins at home and how would the party steer the affairs of the nation well if the working mercenary of the party is not stable. The decision of the party to elect the principal officers at red chamber and the green chamber respectively was high jacked by the power that be in the party, this insorbudination to the party dictates, weakened the faith the masses reposed on APC. The obvious division in the self acclaimed party that promised changed made the people of this great nation to be in doubt.

Federal character application to political appointments?

The concept of Federal character that stands as a radar to guide the presidency in order for equilibrium to be reached, when selecting the ministers viz DGs, chief of staff among others was not perfectly handled. The selection was grossly bias and sectional and the party faithfuls that worked earnestly for the entroment of the party did not make the list. This approach made the party mechanism to be weak, hence, good governance would not be experienced and the masses are counting errors.

APC and the road map to 2019 election

Fulani herdsmen

Budget padding

He who want justice must come with clean hands, PDP was allegedly to have gained legendary in corruption and was defeated in 2015 election as the masses trusted the integrity of GMB and voted him in. The budget was technically delayed, the revelation that shocked the masses was the gross malpractice that greeted the budget which was christianed padding,

So many slaps on the rule of law

The only succour that makes democracy strong is the rule of law in which the court is where everybody seeks justice. It could be recalled that court has ruled that Dansuki should be released on bail, but the presidency frowns at the rulings, the public opinions formed. Could this be tyranny? Again, the leader of Shiite sect was unjustly detained without trial and Nigeria has gone back to medieval terrain in which this social injustice may spell doom for APC come 2019.

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APC and the road map to 2019 election

Kemi Adeosun. Finance Minister

Economic hardship

The current economic situation in Nigeria is stern. The minister of finance said Nigeria is in recession and If care is not taken there would be massive onslaught as the price of basic commodities is rising daily. Things are not moving forward again and even the private companies are downsizing. The banks and insurance companies are slashing the salaries of their workers and Nigerians would continue to ask “if this is the change they promised”?

APC Governors in south west

The engine room of APC resides in the south west of Nigeria and a cursory look at the performance of these governors, one do not need a Jupiter to fore tell that APC may be on her way to oblivion if the status quo remains. They engaged in elephant projects and also subscribed to half monthly payment. The civil servants have turned to "okada riders" and all these approach would end the terrain of APC as Nigerians are angry.

To the foregoing, so many issues if not given urgent attention would rock the boat of APC as people no longer believe in this government again. It could be recalled that the President said no government officials would be allowed to seek medical attention abroad, but he the President was the first that broke the oath. In equal vein, the minister of communication and culture said there would be cultural day, daily, how many has been witnessed?. It is crystally cleared that APC at the central is not well prepared to create the change they promised. Should we talked about increase in fuel price or the promise of equating naira to dollar? The president promised Nigerians that he would published the names of the looters, but he never did.

Contrary to the above, the media that is supposed to be the watch dog are selected, news slanting is the order of the day as freedom of the press is no longer obtainable in this dispensation.

2019 would soon come and Nigerians again will fight with the weapon of votes and one would be wondering if an urgent and sincere panacea approach is not employed, APC may become history.


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