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Shocking: See how Nigerians are hassling to buy bread

Shocking: See how Nigerians are hassling to buy bread

The Ilorin shopping mall , September 11 turned to a drama studio as people were caught scrambling to buy breads at the mall.

It was a shocking and unbelievable scene at the shopping mall as hundreds of Nigerians were caught seriously struggling to buy bread.

The shoprite store which was opened in the year 2012 at the Kwara state capital is located at the Fate area of the city.

Shocking: See how Nigerians are hassling to buy bread

Nigerians begging for what they will pay for

Eid Kabir festival is on ground, and it is expected that a lot of muslims Nigerians would travel to their home towns to perform this islamic rite which is celebrated once in a year.

Shoprite is a place that is known for the sales of various goods, and people from different places visit this place on a daily basis.


Considering the high number of goods being sold at shoprite everyday, it would interest you that the only department that has a long and embarrassing queue is where bread is being sold.

Shocking: See how Nigerians are hassling to buy bread

Serious struggle to buy breads

One would now be wondering the rationale why people would stay on a long queue to buy bread at the Ilorin shoprite whereas there are many other bakeries in town.

A man named Ismaila Ayodele left the Ilorin shoprite angrily and he was seen by ranting while walking out claiming that he had been on the queue for the past two hours without getting a single bread.

“You won't believe that I have been here standing for the past two hours for me to buy just two breads, and all my efforts to get to the front were in vain as people would rush the bread and I cannot withstand the pressure.

“The truth is I have promised my family that they would all eat this bread today, and it is sad that I will disappoint them when I get home,” Ayodele said to

Shocking: See how Nigerians are hassling to buy bread

long queue inside the Ilorin shoprite

Another man whose name is Badmus Lanre said to that he would not leave the venue unless his demand to buy bread is met.

“I have been here more than one hour, but what I know is I will not leave this place unless I buy this bread because I came from Osogbo which is two hours from here and I can't come here and waste my time,” he said to

Tina Oluchi who is a student of the University of Ilorin has bought three breads already, and it was a great surprise when she was still caught on a long queue to buy more.

“Yes I want to buy more breads, and the truth of the matter is I want to buy it for some people who are unable to come here and that's just the reason why I'm still on the queue,” she said.

It was really a bad day at the Ilorin shoprite night as a police officer was also seen beating people who were anxiously waiting to buy bread.

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The people that were seen receiving some lashes from the police were the ones who were frustrated after standing for hours, and they broke in angrily when they could no longer hold their peace.

Some hefty men were also seen making ends meat for themselves as they would go in to the place where the bread is being sold and buy as much as possible and then go outside to sell for people who could not withstand the pressure of standing on a queue.

“A guy just sold these two breads for me at the rate of one thousand naira, and I'm alright with it because it is better than for me to go and be wasting my time on a queue in which I may not even get as you know they close this place by ,” Mrs Wura Adesoji said to


The price of a bread at shoprite is N310 (three hundred and ten naira) which is non-negotiable, and despite this price, some people would still come far and near to get this bread.

Speaking with one of the staff of the company who would not want his name on print, revealed that his department at the shoprite mall has always been the catchy area for people.

Shocking: See how Nigerians are hassling to buy bread

Queue by Nigerians to buy breads at shoprite

“The problem we are having here is that the numbers of bread we produce every twenty minutes cannot reach all the people on the queue and another trouble is that a person may wants to buy as much as ten bread at a time.

“It is not only during the festive period that we encounter this as we do face this trouble everyday here.”'s reporter Ibitoye Shittu also asked some people who were on the queue the reasons why they could not go for another products since there are many bakeries in the community.

“Are you saying that we don't know what we are doing because we are on the queue? The reason is that this bread is unique as it can be kept for days and it would not spoil and can you tell me which other bread has this quality? That is why we are on the queue and I'm sure you are also here to buy bread, so go and queue and stop asking questions,” a man said.

Meanwhile, after , the shoprite doors were all closed and people could no longer go in while most people on the queue to buy bread left in annoyance as they could not finally get any to take home.


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