Read, enjoy 89 other sites & services for free with Airtel

Read, enjoy 89 other sites & services for free with Airtel

About six months ago the top Nigerian news & media site has become a part of Free Basics Nigeria. All Airtel users can now enjoy our news updates for free through a Facebook-led initiative.

By February 1, 2017, the number of fans who read latest news on our site and do not spend their mobile data exceeded 50,000 daily. What a tremendous milestone!

If you are unsure where to start and what are the benefits, simply read the tips and the list below:

Read, 89 other sites, services for free with Airtel


How to browse for free:

1. Insert an Airtel SIM card, make sure some balance is present on it.

2. Turn on mobile data in your phone’s settings. is free, so it will not deduct from your mobile data balance.

3. Click your internet browser icon (Opera, Chrome, etc.)

4. Type in and accept the terms.

5. Click “” to browse free with!

6. If you have an Android, you can also download the app from the Google Play store.

What is is a Facebook-led initiative with the goal of making affordable internet access available to two-thirds of the world who are yet connected and to bring the same opportunities to everyone that the connected third of the world has today.

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To share the internet’s knowledge and inspiration with the world, is overcoming issues of accessibility, affordability and relevance — in hopes that one day, everyone will be connected.

Visit using your Airtel sim card or download the app from the Playstore.

Below, read the list of the sites and services who have also launched with Free Basics Nigeria, alongside with and our sister e-commerce project

1. 24 All fun, tips & tricks

2. 24symbols

3. AccuWeather

4. Afribaba

5. Africa

6. ALL IN - By and for adolescents

7. AnatomyAtlases

8. Ask A Doctor by Kangpe

9. Ask

10. Azcorp Comics

11. BabyCenter

12. BBC News

13. BeSmart

14. Bing

15. Boost Apps

16. Careers24

17. Connect Smart

18. Daily Motivator

19. Dictionary

20. Diffusion Education Game Portal

21. DW - made for minds

22. Efritin

23. Emergency Information

24. Entertainment Store

25. ESPN

26. Facebook

27. Facts for Life

28. Free Books by Worldreader

29. FunDza

30. Funzi

31. Girl Effect

32. Goal

33. Gumtree

34. Health On Wheels

35. Health News Ng

36. HIV360

37. Hot Nigerian Jobs

38. Itztechnologies

39. I Am Purple

40. iLearn

41. Intel She Will Connect

42. Jerric

43. Jobberman

44. Khedoo - Mobile Dating App

45. LoveWords

46. Malaria No More

47. Mara Mentor

48. Matchup

49. Mathematics by TeachMe

50. Messenger

51. Money Matters

52. Mosquitoes: Product Your Family

53. Nairaland Forum

54. News24

55. Newsbyte

56. Ngcareers

57. Nigeria Galleria

58. OLX

59. Onetouch


61. Power Thesaurus

62. Refunite

63. RRisques

64. Scholars4Dev

65. SmartBusiness

66. SmartSex

67. SmartWoman

68. Socialblood

69. SuperSport

70. Tambero

71. TechHints

72. Thesaurus

73. Translator

74. Txti

75. U-Report

76. VConnect

77. Virtual Pediatric Hospital

78. Wattpad

79. Ways to make money online

80. Wecyclers

81. WikiHow

82. Wikipedia

83. Worldreader - Zika info

84. W T F is my IP

85. Ebuzi

86. Yuzah

87. Your money

88. Your rights

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