How to 'toast' a girl if you are shy

How to 'toast' a girl if you are shy

All men feel some form of dread or nervousness when it comes to picking up women, and it gets even more difficult when you are naturally an introvert. 

How to 'toast' a girl if you are shy

If you are sitting in your favourite bar and you spot a hot girl, don't let shyness keep you from the possibilities. Use these tips.

1. Dress well: Do not underestimate the importance of looking the part. Being well and fashionably dress is the first step towards standing out. It puts you out there even before you begin to use your words and it will draw the eyes of most ladies, whether or not they are interested.

2. Project confidence: This might be hard to do if you are naturally shy, but you have to 'fake it till you make it.' Project confidence by maintaining a strong, straight posture. Also, if you happen to be in good shape, then kudos to you. Women usually notice a man who stands out with looks and confidence.

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3. Read her cue: Would you go on and flirt with a girl when you are absolutely sure she will say yes? You probably would. There is confidence in certainty. So, to improve your chances, look for clues that tell you she will be receptive. When you catch her eyes more than a couple of times, she smiles at you, find reasons to stay around your vicinity or unnecessarily walks past you  again and again, then she is very likely into you. This will make you feel more sure of yourself as you approach her.

4. Resist the fear of rejection: Do not let the fear that she will reject you cripple you. Ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? If she does not show interest, just move on. What you are likely to gain is so much more than what you might lose. If you do get rejected, don't get moody about this. Even the best players get shut down from time to time.

5. Use opportunities wisely: If you are lucky enough that she comes over, perhaps to ask for the time, take your chance and strike a conversation. Do not be so timid that she comes and goes, and you have not made your move, because such opportunity might not come again.

6. A little booze: Sure, it is a terrible idea to talk to a girl you like when you are drunk, but a little booze can calm your nerves. Be sure to know your limit though, because what can be considered 'little' for someone else might not be the same for you. You are going for slightly tipsy, but your words aren't slurred and your steps aren't clumsy. When you figure this out, it could make it easier for you to approach the object of your attraction.



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