North Already Operating State Police – Ohanaeze

North Already Operating State Police – Ohanaeze

Kano State chapter of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has alleged that state police is already in existence in the North.

President of the chapter, Chief Tobias Idika, in an electronic statement sent to our correspondent, alleged that Hisbah guards in parts of the North operate as policemen. Hisbah guards are saddled with the responsibility of enforcing Sharia Law.

Idika called for the disbandment of Hisbah guards, claiming that they had destroyed businesses owned by Igbo in some of the northern states.

The statement read in part, “Inasmuch as we are not surprised at the stand of the northern governors against the establishment of state police, we hereby make an urgent call on President Goodluck Jonathan to open his eyes on the activities of the Hisbah guards in the North.

“Over the years, the North has been running state police under the disguise of Hisbah guards. We have pragmatic evidence of the victimisation of our people by armed Hisbah guards who were given powers to waylay, arrest, fine and prosecute their victims. In Kano alone, Igbo businessmen have lost billions of naira on the several attacks by the Hisbah guards.

“The same situation is recorded in Minna, Kaduna, Bauchi, Maiduguri, Zamfara and other parts of the North where the Hisbah guards otherwise known as Sharia Police are holding sway. It is also pertinent to note that the northern governors fund Hisbah guards with taxpayers’ money.”

The organisation called for the dismantling of the Hisbah guards, claiming that their existence contributes to the escalation of insecurity in the North.

It said, “Inasmuch as Ohanaeze Ndigbo would not want to dabble in the politics of state police, we call on the President and the National Assembly to, as a matter of urgency, enact a law abolishing Hisbah and other militant organisations being sponsored with public funds.

“There is no gainsaying the fact that the proliferation of militant organisations such as Hisbah has contributed hugely to the spate of insecurity and socio-religious violence that have become the bane in the northern region.”


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