Is Idris Wada Competent To Take Care Of Kogi State Residents?

Is Idris Wada Competent To Take Care Of Kogi State Residents?'s guest writer Daniel Odih, in his essay Governor Wada's Snail-speed Approach to Job Creation in Kogi State, says Governor Idris Wada's (who took the office in January 2012) efforts to improve the lives of his fellow residents of Kogi are half-hearted and being implemented too slow. 

Mr. Odih writes from Lokoja, Kogi State.

"Containing people's plight and creating an agreeable environment through meaningful programmes are the hallmark of a good and commendable government. When the government's policies are people-oriented, the beneficiaries will have no choice but to pride in their government.

"The joy, pride and self-identification that are supposed to be part and parcel of the lives of people of a state have long been rubbished in the bin of neglect in Kogi State.

"It is without doubt that an average Kogite does not take glory in his own state, let alone in his government. The rationale behind the denial or the apathy is not far from the fact that of all the states and cities in the North Central region of Nigeria, Kogi State, and Lokoja precisely are the poorest and the dirtiest. This is due to a total neglect of the administrative responsibilities of the government.

"Job creation has always been the political anthem of the Nigerian political office holders. This anthem is sung so loud that the people respond by clapping their hands in appreciation.

"But matching the words with the corresponding actions is the basic tool that is missing in the lives of our leaders. Singing a song of job creation is intended, as I see, to deceive the helpless, homeless and hapless people, to make them believe that the government is working.

"Illiteracy and half-education were once used as bases to blame the first two governments of Kogi State. Yet, these governors established many lofty and commendable projects that people are enjoying today.

"Our first educated governor [Governor Idris Wada], years after mounting the throne of leadership and singing the song of employing a mere hungry 500 teachers, is yet to make us see the fruits of his anthem.

"The process of employing these teachers, apart from being slow (starting from early 2013 till now without success or a headway), tedious and annoying, is also oscillating and without a ray of hope as many political office holders injected their candidates and are even selling off the slots at so high a cost.

"What about the advert published in the Graphic newspaper, requesting applications for various positions in the Kogi State University, Anyigba? Has the governor till today said a word about that? Why is he so indifferent when it comes to welfare and job creation?

"If Wada's first attempt at creating a job for mere 500 teachers is moving at a snail speed, then it is clear he may not be the Messiah the people have long been waiting for, and the possibility and the ability to take care of the million people's jobs in the land is not assured."

How would you estimate Governor Wada's performance in Kogi State and in jobs sector?

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