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Biafra: Kanu Sick and Denied Access To Medical Care – Brother

Biafra: Kanu Sick and Denied Access To Medical Care – Brother

A brother to the detained director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu on Friday told that his brother is currently sick.


Prince Kanu said he got various reports that his brother has been sick and is being denied access to any form of medical care by the State Security Service (SSS).

Biafra: Kanu Sick and Denied Access To Medical Care – Brother

Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu flanked by siblings and his mother, Ugoeze Nnenne Kanu in court

“Right now, as I speak to you, Nnamdi Kanu is very very sick and he has been denied medical access, that is the information reaching me now,” Prince said.

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Prince added: “We have been denied access to see him, his lawyer has also been denied access to him.”

Since his arrival into Nigerian on October 14, 2015, Kanu has remained under the custody of the SSS over allegations of terrorism, terrorism funding, possession of arms and the assisting in the management of an unlawful society.

Although several courts in Abuja has given three different orders for his release, the SSS has failed to obey such orders.

Kanu, on Wednesday, December 23 refused to take his plea before Justice Ahmed Mohammed of the Federal High Court.

He told the court that he lacked confidence in the court and would not sacrifice due process of law for speedy process over the principle of natural process on the alter of a speedy release.

Kanu said he would prefer to remain in detention than to subject himself to a trail that will only amount to a perversion of injustice.

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“Your lordship, previous court rulings have been given by courts of competent jurisdiction in this country, Nigeria which were not carried out by the DSS," Kanu had said.

To Kanu's objection, the judge stood down from the case and told the court that he will be remitting the case file to the chief judge of the court for reassignment.

Checks by also revealed that the case is yet to be assigned to any court.

Also, recently during the presidential media chat on Wednesday, December 30, President Muhammadu Buhari gave reasons why Kanu and the former national security adviser, Sambo Dasuki will not be released despite being admitted to bail by the courts.

Buhari told journalists in the state house these individuals have committed heinous crimes against Nigeria and granting freedom will amount to jumping bail.

“If you see the atrocities these people committed against this country, we can’t allow them to jump bail,” Buhari had said.

Buhari added that despite having two passports – Nigerian and British - Kanu came into Nigeria without a passport.


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