Opinion: Buhari Prosecutes Only Those Whom He Is Not Afraid Of

Opinion: Buhari Prosecutes Only Those Whom He Is Not Afraid Of

Editor's note: Ese Lucky, a Legit.ng reader and guest contributor, calls on President Muhammadu Buhari to be less selective in his anti-corruption war, suggesting that the president's decision "to prosecute or not to prosecute" may sometimes be determined not only by the desire to hold the guilty responsible, but also by some personal reasons.

Abeokuta revelation

Nigeria has bled a lot. She has lost too much blood to some of her off-marriage children.

This holiday season I had an opportunity to visit one of the housing estates opposite the Ogun state government secretariat in Abeokuta. When I saw what belogned to a single person, I felt sorry for Nigeria.

Dieziani-Madueke and Abacha's loots are nothing compared with Obasanjo's. The so-called "library" is only a library by name. Structurally, it is a millions-of-dollars-worth hotel. The conference hall is like a paradise.

The Nigerian lion

Olusegun Obasanjo has really "segunised" Nigeria to the core. Obasanjo is bigger than Nigeria. Who is to question the "lion"? Who is to question the Ebo Ora? Who is to cast out the evil spirit from Nigeria to be healthy again? Under Olusegun Oshoba and Gbenga Daniel Ogun state was sold to Olusegun Obansanjo. And Nigeria as a whole as well.

All this for one person? That was what I asked myself with my hands on my head and my mouth opened. Where is he taking this wealth to? As a Nigerian, I cannot earn one million in two years, it is legitimately impossible. God! If it takes to be a criminal to make it, let all of us go into it...

Thieves are all around us

Buhari is scared of the powerful Nigerians like Obansanjo. That is why he focuses his probe and anti-corruption policy on Jonathan's tenure alone. The richest man in Nigeria is also a criminal, forget the fact that he has not held any political office. They know how to thieve very well. Oritsejafor (Orisha Jefo), the president of the CAN, is nothing but a conspirator to the downfall of Nigeria.

Thieves want to pass a bill to law to silence us. Let them do it. Our arrests will trigger revolution. If they want a hasty revolutionary movement, let them arrest us. We are ready to die but leave good legacy behind.

Buhari should ask Obasanjo some questions, if he really wants to fight corruption as sincerely as he claims.

Now I know why the Igbo want a sovereign state. Let them go. I am in their support. Let the country be divided to be re-arranged. This unity is a fraud.

Let all Nigerians stand up and ask questions, let them demand explanation. We are already dying slowly.

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