Why Celebrity Marriages Crash

Why Celebrity Marriages Crash

Nigerian rapper, Phyno has found love! He does not want a prize for his No Guts No Glory album. No. Neither does he want the Grammy.

He’s itching to marry…wait for it…Genevieve Nnaji!

* Genevieve Nnaji (Left) and Phyno

More than the reaction trailing Phyno’s wish, he may have also opened a can of worms on failed celebrity marriages suffocating the industry.

Imagine if Genny swallows her pride and gives the rapper a chance; will it stand the test of time? Given our celebrities passion for breaking up at the slightest challenge?

It is everywhere, celebrities wedding quickly grab the attention of tabloids and fans, but so are their marriages crashing. Ours is even more confusing, as our celebrities seem to be in competition for the ultimate prize of broken marriage. Weird.

At the tick of the clock, our celebrities jump out of their marriages. And for the flimsiest excuses too. Infidelity is usually a first suspect. Yet, you’re unsure if they’ve been dedicated to their marital vows. Next is the rant about irreconcilable differences. But at what point? Given that these celebrities date for as many years before marriage?

Today, the industry is replete with tales of failed marriages. From Tchidi Chikere and Sophia, to Fred Amata and Agatha, 9ice and Toni Payne, Frank Edoho and Katherine, Lanre Falana and Steph Nora, Eddy Montana and Kenny St. Brown, Saheed and Fathia Balogun…The list goes on.

If the younger generation looking up to these celebrities is a concern, then the children from these broken unions are the worst hits.

What do our celebrities really want? Perfect marriage? Maybe in the movies! Ask Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva who have had an enduring celebrity marriage. It has not been all rosy.

Phyno may have merely shared a dream. He has a right to. But given phyno’s rising profile and Genny’s established status across the continent, you may just have another reason celebrity marriages crash.


- by Ezeh Emmanuel

Source: Legit.ng

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