Revealed: Why Sanusi Is Operating From Kano Government House

Revealed: Why Sanusi Is Operating From Kano Government House

The new Emir of Kano is said to be operating outside of the palace due to certain normal arrangements which often precedes the grand entry of any Emir into the palace.

Sanusi Lamido, new Emir of Kano

According to PREMIUM TIMES report, a source familiar with the workings of the emirate council disclosed that it took sometime for most of the emirs in the past, including the immediate past, Ado Bayero who died last week, before they went into the palace.

The source said, "Traditionally, a new emir does not even go into the palace through the front door. Rather, he chooses within the wall of the palace a specific location in which he wants to use to enter the palace. That portion of the wall is then opened for him to enter.

"If you notice towards the western end, along Yola road, you will see an opening that is covered with concrete block, that was the door Ado Bayero used when he was appointed as emir."

He explained that the presence of security agents at the emir’s palace area is to safeguard it against protesters and not to prevent Sanusi from gaining entrance, adding that they were there to stop Sanusi, they would also have prevented the party that went to the palace to fetch the paraphernalia of office that was handed over to Mr. Sanusi from doing so.

The items gotten from the palace and handed over to Sanusi include the symbolic Dabo’s Crown (Malafar Dabo), Tagwayen Masu (twin spears), Takobi (sword), Wukar Yanka (a knife that signifies supremacy of judgement) and Takalmin Jimina (ostrich plumage shoes).

According to another source within the Kano state government who pleaded anonymity, the family of the late emir were still receiving condolences at the palace and they would need time to move out of the palace to a new home provided by the state government.

“The late emir had a large family and they will need to take their time to relocate and no one is in a hurry to move them,” he said.

Following the announcement of former CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the new Emir of Kano state, some aggrieved youths took to the street on Sunday, June 8, protesting from Kofar Nassarawa to the Government House but they were halted mid-way by law enforcement agents.

Despite the protests, Sanusi was presented with the appointment letter and staff of office, amidst tight security at the African House located within the Kano State Government House.

After receiving his appointment letter and staff of office, Sanusi, is said to be ruling his subjects from the Kano government house.

Source: Legit

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