Why I Prefer Married Men: Confession Of An Allen Babe

Why I Prefer Married Men: Confession Of An Allen Babe

Rita is a street hawker in the Lagos redlight district called Allen Avenue. In an undercover mission, Legit.ng reporter obtained some shocking facts from one of Lagos' brimming sex-workers popularly called "Runs babes" in local parlance.

Why I Prefer Married Men: Confession Of An Allen Babe
File Photo: Some ladies of the night displaying their wares.

According to our undercover reporter, Rita is not more than 24-years-old, a native of Edo state. She says her coming to Lagos was basically to work as a lady of the night.

In a very informal interview, Legit.ng reporter got Rita to make some shocking revelations about the trade that for ages have thrived on the infamous Allen road.

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Rita said the job was lucrative on the Allen way, hence the reason why there are so many girls on the street selling their "wares".

She narrated her ordeal of deferring her admission at Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma, where she was a 200level student of Law.

The very enlightened lady stressed that she had plans to go back and get her degree, noting that she is motivated by a dead mother who would give anything for her education.

Reacting to a question regarding how much she makes daily, the law student said an average of seven thousand per day and over forty thousand per week, depending on how events turn out.

Rita revealed that there are various classes of customers each day, but she preferred the married men most.

She noted that more married men stop to pick them up night after night. According to her, "many married men in Lagos are in the habit of picking girls from Allen. Some for short rest and others to spend the night."

The Edo born "runs girl" said there are many reasons why she preferred married men to single guys.

According to her: "there are several reasons why chilling with married men surpasses those of young dudes. One major reason is that they know how to treat women better, though they know that you are a street girl, they don't treat you that way."

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"The younger men mostly come for quickies and they give you whatever they deem fit, but the married men want something special than what they get at home and as such will give more to attain satisfaction," Rita informed.

More to her preference, she noted that most of the married men would always come back if they had a good time, meaning that some of them get to keep the street girls as their personal mistress.

She said some of the women know that their husbands are cheating but do not try to stop it due to an understanding between the men and their wives.

"One woman even went through her husband's phone and saw my number dialed repeated, with a text message from her husband to me."

Rita narrated that the woman eventually called her but rather than make a fuss about the entire affair, warned that: "her husband must not be infected by me." adding that "I must ensure that her husband uses a condom whenever we had intercourse."

She said it was that singular event that made her nurse the thought that perhaps her relationship with some of the men may actually be keeping their families going other than breaking their homes.

When asked if she was not afraid of getting caught with these men, Rita calmly replied that life was all about taking risks. She added that "even standing on the streets in the dead of the night is no joke you know, especially now that December has arrived and ritual killers are on the lose".

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She further noted that every job has its hassle and "theirs" too was not left out of the lot.

Rita, however affirmed that she does not plan to be a runs-girl all her life, stressing that the moment she saves up to a certain minimum, she will quit and go back to school.


Source: Legit.ng

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