'Revolution Is A Weapon Of Change ' – TB Joshua

'Revolution Is A Weapon Of Change ' – TB Joshua

The founder and general overseer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Prophet T. B. Joshua, predicted a revolution in Nigeria.

'Revolution Is A Weapon Of Change ' – TB Joshua
T.B. Joshua

In 2013, during his Sunday service televised live via Emmanuel TV, the renowned pastor warned Nigerians that the revolution would start when people take to the streets because life would have no value for them any more.

“I am seeing a revolution. When I say ‘revolution’ I mean every revolution starts by protests. When it starts by protests, at that protest, the power can stop them. They have the ability to stop them, but when it becomes revolution, no one can stop revolution.

“Revolution means everyone is ready to go for it. This is the one we are seeing in other nations all over.

“I am seeing people taking to the streets,” he said.

T.B. Joshua noted that unlike with protests, revolution cannot be stopped because everybody is ready to die.

“At the beginning of every revolution, it looks like protest. It might be stopped at the beginning. Eventually, it will become so big that it cannot be stopped. This I see happen. Nigeria, pray! All over the world, it will move from one country to another," he said.

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However, the prophet noted that God gave Nigerians a way out: job creation for the youth and the creation of a new social value system.

“You know the reason why the youth turn to thugs. People in power in political offices are not ready to retire. Nobody is ready and the youth – they are jobless. They are supposed to be included in the system, because when the people up there have not retired, there are no offices for youth, new people, new intake.”

“No matter the education the youth have, they feel they have no place in politics and there is no job to keep them busy. There are must be a new orientation,” the prophet concluded.

According to T.B. Joshua, in politics young people should be considered for important positions such as assistants to elders.

“While the elders are ministers, the youth should be junior minister. This little example of being junior ministers can change the situation of things. Tell you president. Tell your leaders. Tell your prime ministers all over the world. I every department of government or politics, the youth should be junior assistants to the leaders of such departments," he stressed.

Finishing his prophecy, he said: "Revolution is a weapon of change that is coming. This is a visison. I am not preaching or teaching. This is what I saw."

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