Doctor Beats His Wife To Death, Commits Suicide

Doctor Beats His Wife To Death, Commits Suicide

A 52-year-old doctor battered his 55-year-old wife to death before committing suicide.

Kenneth McRae had battered his wife Jane with a bottle of perfume while laying in their bed, thereby causing fatal head injuries as a result of his fears that their home, in Rowley Regis, West Midlands had been infected by Japanese knotweed.

After committing suicide, the Doctor who was said to have suffered from paranoia over the knotweed, left a suicide note which read 'I believe I was not an evil man, until the balance of my mind was disturbed by the fact there is a patch of Japanese knotweed which has been growing over our boundary fence on the Rowley Regis Golf Course.'

After trying to curb the weed's growth unsuccessfully, he said the risk of structural damage and legal battles 'led to my growing madness.'

'Jane and I were a very private couple, we chose to have no real friends, just enjoying each other.

'But the despair has got so bad that today I have killed her, as I did not want her to be alone without an income when I killed myself.' he wrote.

Japanese knotweeda is a tall fast-growing Japanese plant of the dock family, with bamboo-like stems and small white flowers. It has been grown as an ornamental but tends to become an aggressive weed.


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