Cobhams Shares Details Of His Childhood

Cobhams Shares Details Of His Childhood

Visually-impaired ace music composer, producer and singer, Cobhams Asuquo, has revealed in an interview that he was a bully and gang member growing up.

Responding to what it was like growing up for him, this is what he had to say;

"I lived in the barracks and it was fun. Some people might see the barracks as squalid, malignant and rough but it was my life. I loved it. From a barracks at Jos to Ikeja Military Cantonment; I loved it. I am a barracks boy and I am 100 per cent proud of that. I lived among Nigerians from different tribes. It gave me a lot of perspectives and insight into a lot of people’s lives.

"As a kid I was rough. I was stubborn and sometimes, I was a bully.

"I did things that were big and bad enough to do. I was a gang leader in many ways and my friends always listened to me. I told my friends things because I was the one who listened to the radio the most, so they believed me. Once, I told them that Babangida had intentions of becoming a Field Marshal and I can remember all my friends saying all kinds of things.  Then I went home and my father explained to me that what he was saying was that he had no intention of becoming a Field Marshal and I went back to my friends to tell them what I just learnt and they still believed.

"I was that kind of kid. I was an influence and I was outgoing and outspoken.




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