IMMIGRATION STAMPEDE: Relatives Cannot Get The Body Burried

IMMIGRATION STAMPEDE: Relatives Cannot Get The Body Burried

Relatives of one of the jobseekers killed in immigration job recruitment stampede on Saturday complained that they were refused to receive the body of their friend Mohammed Musa for burial.

Family of Mohammed Musa, brother and a step brother together with his friend, identified Musa's body at the National Hospital's mortuary this Monday, however they are yet to be given the body 3 days after he should have been interred, as the Muslim burial rites demand.

The National Hospital refuted these claims, and insisted on high level of caution before they release the bodies.

According to the relatives, all their attempts to collect the body were blocked by the hospital as it demanded the police report for several times, the release form of Nigeria Immigrations Service and even the presence of Immigrations officials at the hospital before they would be able to claim the body.

Sule Ahmed, one of those claiming the body, said that the hospital gave them "no explanation. They have not told us anything. They just kept us here."

According to the head of management information service, NHA, Tayo Haastrup, " We don't want to release the bodies to just anybody especially now that they announced they were going to compensate the families of the dead victims. We want to be very sure. You know how people are."

As it is claimed by the hospital, there were still 6 bodies there on Tuesday.

The survivors of the stampede, hospitalised in the same hospital, included 2 pregnant women and they were discharge on Mondayd and 5 were taken off admission the same day.

There are still 3 other patients that are expected to be released by the weekend.

One of the patients, Ataidy Uneison, will remain in the hospital due to a brocken neck and loss use of her legs. During a visit from the health minister Onyebuchi Chukwu on Tuesday poor woman could barely speak.


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