Filipino Women Sympathyze to Nigerian Women Over Boko Haram

Filipino Women Sympathyze to Nigerian Women Over Boko Haram

Nigerian women are getting support from Filipino women, who express their sympathy and join Nigerian women’s requests aimed towards the President.

Ann Ammishaddai Padua, who was born and still resides in Phillippines, member of the organization Green Light Youth Empowerment Initiative, The Nigeria of Our Dream, expressed support over Nigerian women in a Facebook photo and post.

 “We saw the pictures how those innocent school children’s blood covers the land of Nigeria done by boko haram insurgents. If these were filipino school children how shall we feel if no one sympathizes our mourning??? We can never find any consolation than seeing others feel our pains and bereaved with us, and helping us to stop this killings of our innocent ones. To our dear nigerian mothers, women, ladies.. We feel the pains you have because, we too have lost love ones in our life. We join you in your prayers,that your president will act on his power to stop this boko haram as how they declare war on nigerian government by killing her innocent civilians. Mr. President, what takes you too long to act? Are you afraid of boko haram or a supporter of boko haram? Your women , mothers, ladies, and fathers needs your action not words.. We pray that god will guide your heart and have a good conscience. Amen!”.

Another post reads as follows:

“My Nigerian society: insurgency is a product of wrong ideology... This ideology must be stop! There is a call for a massive orientation of our nigerian youths with regards about western education.. And orientation about the love of god..  I see the motherland drifted with blood of its own people.. Boko haram and the victims of boko haram are equally victims of the evilness and greediness of an evil ideology, and bad politics..”

It is important for women all over the world to express their support towards those suffering in Nigeria. As in any situation it is vital to speak out and not to keep silent.

As we have reported earlier, Nigerian women have spoken out in peaceful protests in Nigeria in Lagos and Rivers States. Moreover, Nigerian women residenting in London have also gathered peaceful protests against Boko Haram killings. 



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