Basic Things to Avoid On Social Media

Basic Things to Avoid On Social Media

In present times, being on one or more social media isn’t a big deal. The usefulness of these platforms cannot be over emphasized as they have contributed to the immense development of businesses as well as other affairs.

Basic Things to Avoid On Social Media
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As much as it has its good sides, with some people attaching their success stories to it, it has disadvantages that have led many to their doom. Having established that, below are things one could avoid on social media.

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Define Your Purpose

There are many trending social media; each set up with a purpose. Facebook isn’t the only social media and unlike LinkedIn which is for professionals, it basically connects people. Not knowing the difference between a personal account and a business account is lame. So to avoid muddling things up, the knowledge of these social media is handy.

Careful Selection of Friends

Who do you follow and who follows you? People get crazy about building an audience and having many followers. Everyone should have a standard and friends or acquaintance should only be made with people who conform with one or two set standards.

The world Isn’t About You

As much as everyone love their profile to be attractive, it should be known that being too active also could be detrimental. Each time the news feed is refreshed and your story comes up, it becomes less interesting to people; except you are marketing a product of interest. Avoid putting up your every thought; your affairs and relationship journey. It could portray you as being unbalanced, therefore creating a bad reflection of you.

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Mental Review

The social media has become a dumping site for many irrelevant things. It would be more appropriate if people made a mental review of the things they want to post. Some people, having completely lost it don’t know the subjects to discuss or the adequate response to drop in trending conversations. Grammatical blunders as well as verbal abuse often put some people off thus, killing the flow.

Vulgarity And Nudity

People believe that the social media is the perfect place to air their thoughts and pass remarks on public affairs. Even with the freedom of speech, it would be wise to compose one’s opinion carefully without any act of insubordination. Nudity should be avoided also as it could be scandalous. Comments and pictures could haunt one even after many years and pose as serious threats to one’s business; social media isn’t a place to dump your shit, it simply never goes away.

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Many believe they have the right to live their lives the way they deem fit. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be free. However, freedom if not checked could jeopardize future plans. One should avoid posting articles that are not appropriate or considered indecent for public viewing. One’s integrity could be at stake especially if such person’s profile is being reviewed for an appointment.


While many have testified to finding their life partners on certain social media, some have been able to make major deals in their careers with it too. With this awareness, people are investing more time on these platforms in a bid to connect with someone who would give them the craved big break. However, one should be careful as there are lots of scammers and fraudsters out there. Some have lost their lives due to unfortunate turn of events which started from the social media itself.


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