Husband Accused Of Pouring Water On His Wife Blames It On Hs Wife

Husband Accused Of Pouring Water On His Wife Blames It On Hs Wife

Angola-based businessman, Mr. Samuel Oraka, who was accused by his wife, Ifeoma, of pouring hot water on her, says she is to blame for the incident.

He added that Ifeoma had dragged the hot water container with him and in the process got scalded.

Oraka explained that he had wanted to use the hot water to prepare his food when his wife snatched the kettle from him and ended up pouring the water on herself and their houseboy, Nonso.

It was reported on February 11, 2014 that Ifeoma was being treated for burns on her arm, neck and face in a hospital in Lagos.

The 35-year-old mother of four had said that Samuel took a kettle of hot water from the gas cooker and emptied it on her, and later rubbed her scalded body with his bare hands.

But lawyers representing Samuel, Mike Moghalu and Co, said the allegations were false, adding that “fifth columnist, liberalist and all those who want to profit from such domestic conflict should stay clear.”

A letter from the firm, signed by Mr. Mike  Moghalu, read in part, “Mrs. Ifeoma Oraka is indeed, our client’s wife. And she remains our client’s wife. Ifeoma also has children for our client. While it is true and incontrovertible that she has burns as a result of hot water, the hot water was never poured on her by our client.

“The incident, although regrettable, was a domestic accident orchestrated by her when she forcefully snatched away, from the husband in the kitchen, the hot water he wanted to use to prepare his morning meal. Her motive was to prevent the husband from preparing a meal in the kitchen. However, and inadvertently, the hot water from the kettle she snatched from the husband poured on her.”

The lawyer further stated that the houseboy was also injured and hospitalised as a result of the incident.

Moghalu said although Samuel never showed up at the hospital, he, however, cleared Ifeoma’s hospital bills.

But, Ifeoma, who has been discharged from the hospital and returned home, said that the lawyer’s claims were false. She insisted that her husband poured the hot water on her, adding that he did not also pay the bills.

She said, “It is not true. It was his younger brother who stays outside the country that we forwarded the hospital bills to. He was the one that paid and not my husband.

“Also, I did not drag the hot water with him. He was the one who snatched the hot water from the gas cooker. If I dragged the hot water, my leg should have been scalded. But it was my face, ear, arm and tummy that were affected.

“Immediately neighbours came in to help me, my husband ran away, and I have not seen him till date.”

When asked why she still returned to the house despite the challenges in the marriage, she said, “I don’t want to be with him again. I want us to separate. I have seen enough in this marriage and can’t continue any longer.”

It was learnt that Samuel had travelled out of Nigeria since the incident happened.


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