Mariah Carey Releases Video

Mariah Carey Releases Video

Mariah Carey has released the video for her new single, “You’re Mine (Eternal)”, and just in time for the valentines celebration.

The video which was produced by her new manager, Jermain Dupri, shows the singer topless and covered in sparkly gold glitters while singing about a love of her life she can't get out of her head; the love her life is played by no other person than the handsome Trey Songz.

Mariah Carey also revealed it was her choice to feature the handsome singer in the video instead of a previously picked model, during an interview with Power 105.1 FM.

"What happened was there was a model. I guess people would find him handsome. Once Jermaine and I had finished the remix I said, ‘Trey Songz needs to be the star of this video.’ He’s just amazing!" she said.

Trey Songz who also took part in the vocals of the song had this to say;

"I’m happy to be on the record. I’m very much happy to share any musical space with you. A living icon; to be involved in your latest is such a blessing."

Check out video below;



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