5 Ways To Cope With A Nagging Partner

5 Ways To Cope With A Nagging Partner

One could go on-and-on describing some very wonderful traits that make you endeared to your partner, but the truth is that there are times when you may not want to take a look or consider these traits.

This is especially when your partner’s inadequacy is nagging. Alas, your partner is gradually becoming unattractive.

It can be so worrisome when your once very warm partner suddenly becomes a nag who whines at any slightest opportunity.

5 Ways To Cope With A Nagging Partner
Dealing with a nagging woman

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When all these happens, chances are that you are now withdrawn and may not even remember how captivating he or she looks any more. Wait a minute! Do you think only women nag?  If you did, then you have got to change that notion because even men nag a lot too.

Here are five ways to cope with a nagging partner.

1. Practice to be quiet

If you are a guy who has a nagging partner, chances are that staying quiet might not go down well with you. After all you are the man, right? Well, you have got to put aside ego here and calm down.

Remember your partner isn't mad, and so she must be protesting about something and the only way she knows to do this is to nag.  As such, you both cannot be mad at the same time. That is why you have to listen to her. Know what she wants to say and acknowledge it.

2. Communicate with her

After the situation is calm; this might be hours later, or even the next day, then now is a good time to talk things over with her.


This might be hard for some partners especially if they have pride issue, but the truth remains you want the matter resolved (For the sake of love), which is why you want to make peace.

Hence, put aside pride and let your partner know how annoying her nagging habit is and how you so do not like it. Remember you are passing this information across when tempers are cool, so be sure you pass the message across with love and respect.

3.  Make amends

The fact that your once happy and warm partner suddenly became a nag, is the much reason why you need to see to those things that causes him or her to nag. This means that you have got to adjust whatever it is that makes you step on his or her nerves. For instance; if your habit is driving him or her nuts, then do seek of ways to curb them. Working on such things might make you have your partner back real soon. The idea is to replace bad with good.

4. Be a Great Listener

Your partner really itches that things would be normal and that he or she could just stop nagging about the same things over and over again. This is why you have got to work at it by listening more. Listen more than you talk;  this way you will be able to read some sensitive lines on the wall and know how not to bring the nag out in your partner at all times.

5. Take a break when emotions are high

Relationships and marriages aren’t a bed of roses, which is why you have got to realize that there are times when there would be tempers going high and outside the door. You have got to realize that there are also times when you both cannot be raging mad; this is why a partner should take a break to douse the atmosphere.

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This could be in form of taking a walk, taking a nap, and what have you. The idea is so that you are refreshed and have been able to clear your head off the scenario. When you do this, you become refreshed enough to tackle the matter of ground.

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