Jim Iyke did not fight or threaten a man with a gun in Ghana.

Jim Iyke did not fight or threaten a man with a gun in Ghana.

Several days ago multiple reports appeared on the social media claiming that the renowned Nollywood actor, at the Crave Cafe at Adjiringanor, East Legon – Accra, Ghana.


Nigeriafilms.com correspondent in Ghana, Mustapha Ayinde Inusah, a.k.a. Attractive, spoke to Nana Kwesi, who invited Jim Iyke to the Cahaya lounge, where the incident happened.

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Nana narrated that he invited Jim Iyke to Cahaya Lounge to discuss a water treatment project (clean water and chemical treatment of water). When the actor got to Cahaya Lounge with his car and parked, another car drove in and parked just behind Jim Ike’s car.

As the driver parked, he got out and started behaving funny. The gentleman wanted to attack Jim Iyke, so Nana intervened and prevented the man from attacking Jim.

The man went back to his car and pulled an amount of $10,000, haranguing that he wanted to give it to Jim Iyke, if the latter had signed a particular document.

The man also said he invited Jim Iyke into a meeting at Royal Fiesta hotel and that he was his business partner.

Jim Iyke got there and he was asked to sign a contract but because the contract was not too clear, Jim requested that there is a need to involve a lawyer or legal brain to peruse the document before he could append his signature on it.

That was the root of man’s annoyance. The gentleman accused Jim Iyke of wasting his time and also spoiling his business because there were other people involved who wanted Jim to sign so they can carry on with the business.

The gentleman further reported to the police that Jim Ike had attacked him. When the police got to the scene, the people around who was also hob-nobing and were eye witnesses to what ensued, narrated to the police that it is the man who rather attacked Jim Iyke and not the converse. The police left without causing any arrest.

Unfortunately, the reported failed to learn the name of the mysterious business partner of Jim Iyke at the time of writing this article. Nevertheless, he promised to keep trying and, probably an update in this story awaits us.

Jim Iyke was happy with the article above, commended its authors via his Twitter handle: 

Source: Legit.ng

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