Negative effects of over-exercising

Negative effects of over-exercising

Over-exercising especially in a short span of time can have an adverse effect on our bodies.

In a bid to lose weight quickly, we tend to over-train which could affect the health negatively. So, it is important to recognise the signs of the negative effects of exercise.

Dr. Rohit Malhotra, Physiotherapist with the Delhi based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute explains how over-exercising or over-training can cause health problems.

Here they are:

More Prone To Injuries: When you exercise excessively your body becomes more prone to injuries. Muscle soreness is very common when exercising a lot. Your body needs to rest. If you exercise a lot, it can lead to strained ligaments and tendons. These put your bones at risk for fractures. Too much exercise can also harm your body tissues.

Muscle Mass: You tend to lose muscle mass and your body suffers from nutritional deficiency. You curb your body’s need for nutrition by excessive exercise and dieting, which can have an adverse effect on your overall health.

Weakened Immune System: When you exercise a lot your body's immune system weakens. You get more prone to viruses and colds. Exercise affects your body and leaves it exhausted. Furthermore, your weakened immune system is not efficient enough to kill bacteria or other illnesses.

Eating Disorders: People who are addicted to over exercising and have just weight loss in mind are prone to developing various eating disorders. Disorders like bulimia and anorexia can affect these people because the main cause for these disorders is compulsive exercising.

Sleeping Disorders: People face this problem because their body feels very tired, lethargic and drained out. They have difficulties in sitting still. Everything seems heightened and the body aches because of excessive exercise.

Cessation of Menstrual Cycle: Many studies show that female athletes who face extensive training suffer from bone loss. This state is called amenorrhea and if it persists for a long time, then it is difficult to cure. Other factors like changes in diet, excessive weight loss and stress can also cause amenorrhea.

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