Truck Driver Jorge Espinoza Distracted By Phone, Crashes Cars, Kills Policeman

Truck Driver Jorge Espinoza Distracted By Phone, Crashes Cars, Kills Policeman

United States, Arizona - Allegedly distracted by porn on his phone, a truck driver crashed into several police cars while going 65 mph, killing an officer, on May 6, 2013.

The whole incident was recorded by a dashcam inside the truck cab.

In a video, Jorge Espinoza, a 33-year-old driver, has his face obscured by a wallet on the dashboard. He allegedly placed his wallet over the phone in an attempt to hide it. He remains oblivious to the danger looming up in front of him, visible thanks to the other camera pointed at the road.

His phone flies out of his hand as the truck smashes into the first police car before bouncing off and hitting the other vehicles. Six vehicles, three police cars, two fire department trucks, and the truck and trailer, were destroyed by the impact.

The crash killed 47-year-old Department of Public Safety Captain Tim Huffman. Despite the efforts by fellow officers revive him, Huffman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Records released Thursday say the driver was distracted by his cell phone, looking at numerous websites including Facebook, YouTube, female escort sites and porn sites. While on Facebook, reports say Espinoza was looking at "photographs of several women in provocative positions, wearing little clothing ... photographs of a woman in a low-cut dress," and photos of a man "smoking something."

Originally, the truck driver testified he didn't see the police cars because he was looking in his mirror at a passing truck, adding that he never uses his phone while driving as it is against company policy.

Espinoza now faces a long list of charges, including one count of second-degree murder, 13 counts of endangerment, and six of criminal damage.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges.


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