PHOTOS: Woman Impaled On Metal Bar Survives [Graphic Content]

PHOTOS: Woman Impaled On Metal Bar Survives [Graphic Content]

A female construction worker suffered excruciating agony after she slipped and was impaled by a 1 metre metal bar.

Warning: Graphic Content

But despite the shocking nature of Zhang Ping's horrific wound, she miraculously survived, suffering only minor injuries.

The 22-year-old fell 3 metres to the ground when she slipped while working on a construction site in the city of Guangzhou in Guangdong province in the southeast of China.

She had counted herself lucky to get the job alongside her builder husband after the pair left their home to try and find work in the city.

Her hubby, who witnessed the horror fall, said that his brave wife didn't panic when she realised what had happened.

He said: "I was very proud of her because she could see that she was probably seriously injured but she didn't panic.

"She didn't move or try to free herself but instead waited for the site safety experts to cut the bar so she could be taken to hospital.

"She was delivered to the hospital an hour and a half after the accident with the 1 metre long steel bar still embedded in her body and it took a further hour and a half for surgeons to remove it."

Doctors were astonished to discover that the bar had missed all her vital organs as they set about their 90-minute operation to remove the bar from her body.

Dr Cong Ni who carried out the operation said: "It was very lucky for her that the steel bar managed to miss every single important organ or blood vessel.

"It meant that it could be removed with what we anticipate will be no lasting damage and in about a week she should be allowed to go home."

Ping remains in hospital out of precaution to make sure there is no infection from the steel bar.

Doctors are confident that any risk is minimal.


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