10 Signs That She Is Cheating On You

10 Signs That She Is Cheating On You

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship so there is always a chance that she may be cheating. Keep in mind that signs below aren’t necessarily only signals, there might be many more.

They also demonstrate that something in your relationship is not going as well as it should be. Either way, let’s take a look at a few signs that you can watch out for to determine if she is seeing someone else.

Family Detachment

One sign that she may be cheating is that she detaches herself from your family. She may also stop hanging out with your friends as well. The reason women do this is out of remorse. Basically, she feels guilty and will feel less pain if she isn’t immersed in your life- including family or friends. Remember, the less mental baggage she has holding her back, the easier it will be for her to commit the deed.

Consistent Nagging

The days of harmonious communication are gone when a women decides to do nothing but nag. Basically, she will find every excuse to lash out and argue with you. The reason a woman will do this is to justify her deed by rationalizing that it wasn’t working out with your anyway. It helps eliminate a lot of her guilt. So if a woman starts to point out every flaw and starts arguments about every little thing then it could be a sign that she has been unfaithful or is going to.

The Mysterious Friend

One telltale sign that a woman is being unfaithful is that she has a mysterious friend who slowly makes a bigger impact in her life. Whether it is a co-worker or someone that she knows from school, she may keep him a secret as well as may be hesitant to share information about him with you. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something out of the norm is happening here and you should speak with your significant other about it be.

Deflecting Simple Questions

When your girlfriend starts acting suspicious and starts to avoid very simple questions then this could be a sign that she’s hiding something. If she immediately repeats your questions back to you before answering then chances are good that she’s searching her mind for a lie. On the same token, she may become very defensive when you ask her questions about her whereabouts or future plans. As a general rule of thumb, if she starts to deflect information that she used to volunteer in the past, she is hiding something that she doesn’t want to tell you about.

Shift in Priorities

If a woman is involved in heavy romance with another man then she will definitely start to shift her priorities away from yours. All of a sudden, she won’t have time to see you and she will start to break-off regular meetings that you used to have with her. Also, if there is a sudden switch in dates for particular events like dance-lessons or work schedule then she’s probably making them to see her new fling. Basically, anything action that is designed to create distance between you and her could be a sign of infidelity.

She Looks Sexier More Often

A woman who is cheating will go way out of her way to make sure that she is looking as best as she can before leaving the house. The reason she does this is to dazzle and impress her new fling as much as possible. Remember that way that she dressed at the beginning of your relationship together? That is how she is going to try and present herself when she does something wrong. She’ll wear new jewelry, clothing, and even makeup. She’ll even wear these things to places where there is really no need for them like the mall for example.

She Becomes More Independent

Part of trying to break it off with you and having her romance with her new guy is that she wants to be independent from you. The earlier she starts doing this, the less of a burden it will actually be when the time comes to leave you (if and when she decides to do it). Basically, she will start to drop her vocabulary from “we” to phrases that favor “I”. However, what is more important to watch out for is that she will stop speaking with you about future plans.

In short, she will start acting a manner that dictates that she no longer needs you to hold her hand. Whether or not she is actually going to leave your or simply create more space for your “double life” it is safe to say that she doesn’t want you in the picture. The reason she does this is because she can’t build up the nerve to tell you that it is over and that she wants to start over with someone new.

Low Sex Drive

This is probably one of the biggest telltale sign that a woman is unfaithful. Essentially, she won’t be interested in having sex with you anymore. And if you do make love then it will only be when she wants it. Another reason why she will have a lower sex drive is because she doesn’t want to continue and string you along. Chances are good that she’s already engaging in sexual activities with her new partner if she isn’t sleeping with you anymore.

Secret Schedules

A woman who is being secretive about her schedule is more than likely hiding something. For example, does she hide her whereabouts when you call her? Does she always “go away on businesses”? If she is gone a lot of the time and not telling you where she is going or when she’s coming back then chances are good that she’s seeing someone else. As a general rule of thumb, the less you know about her itinerary the more worried you should be about where she is and who she is spending her time with.

You Become Irrelevant

What is worse than a girlfriend who nags about every little thing? How about a girlfriend or wife who doesn’t even know that you exist? While it may be hard to imagine, it does happen to a lot of guys. Their significant other simply pretends like they are not even there anymore. Keep in mind that this may happen right away or little by little. A woman who is no longer interested in you and becomes interested in another man will automatically start to pretend as though you don’t even exist.


Basically, she will become very cold towards you. She won’t answer your phone calls. She won’t tell you that she loves you. She won’t include you in her life whatsoever. She won’t care how you are feeling or what problems are going on in your relationship. While it may sound harsh, it is the reality of cheating and this sign, along with the others, are clear signs that she may be seeing someone else.

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