19 Kenyan Students Suspended From School

19 Kenyan Students Suspended From School

Nineteen Kenyan high school students who argued in favour of gay rights were suspended for a week.

19 Kenyan Students Suspended From School
Anti-gay protest in Kenya

The teenagers took part in a heated debate, in which they argued for gay rights. Their anti-gay opponents accused the boys of homosexuality, which is illegal in Kenya.

When 19 students from St. Mary’s Kibabi Boys High School in Bungoma County were sent home, the school authorities started an investigation into the allegations against the students.

Mathew Namunwa, the school’s principal, confirmed that there had been a debate between the pro and anti-gay students, which led to divisions among them. He added that those accused of being gay are suspected to have been practicing “it” with the school’s youngest.

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“We all know this is a societal issue, and we cannot pretend or run away from it but discuss it and find a way out,” Namunwa told the Star, adding that any student found to be gay would be counseled.

The school’s principal said that students who were suspended would be allowed to report back to the school next week with their parents to hear the verdict against them.

It is worth mentioning that an issue of gay rights has been heightened by the upcoming visit of US President Barack Obama. Ahead of his visit, a White House spokesperson said that the president has every intention to discuss gay rights on his trip to Kenya.

Meanwhile, Kenyan anti-gay protesters took to the streets in Nairobi to warn Barrack Obama against speaking about gay rights when he visits his paternal country later this month.

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