5 signs he only wants you for sex

5 signs he only wants you for sex

Dating can often get difficult when you are unsure of what your partner truly wants from you. No one likes to feel used, and it can get really confusing when you are not sure if he wants to be with you because he wants a future with you, or if he only wants you for your body.

5 signs he only wants you for sex

Here are signs to look out for if you suspect that your man is only in it for the sex.

1. He avoids hanging out with you in public.

It is evident that once you fix a date to hang out in a public area, then no sexual activities will occur on such a date. When the man you are dating only insists on meeting with you at his place or yours (where he is assured of privacy), then this is a red flag. If you look back on all the times you have been with him and you notice that you both spend little or no time hanging out among groups or in public, then it is time to reassess your relationship.

2. He gets surly when he has to go without sex.

If for some reason or another, you are unable to be with him sexually and he gets downright sulky or upset, then it means he sees no other joy in your relationship than what you can give him in bed. He should want to be with you whether or not you are willing to give up your body.

3. He pressures you.

If you are in a new relationship and he does nothing but pressure you and tries to convince you to take your clothes off, then beware, he might only be in it for what is underneath your clothes. Do not be pressured into sex if you feel you are not ready or if you feel you might end up being used.

4. You have nothing else to talk about.

If you do not feel any closer to him because you have nothing to talk about, then this might be because your relationship has become purely physical.

When all your conversation revolves around sex or your body parts, then this might not be the relationship for you. For a relationship to be considered fruitful, then you need to invest yourself emotionally and feel like you are getting to know all aspects of your partner.

5. No future plans.

When a man is with you for sexual purposes, he will be reluctant to make any plans for the future with you. He will avoid all talk about where your relationship is going and will only want to stay in the moment.

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This is because a man who is with you for what your body can provide can already foresee a time when he will tire of you, so he shies away from making too much effort to keep you in his life.

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