Bishop Imeh Vows To Disown Father In  Village Hunters

Bishop Imeh Vows To Disown Father In Village Hunters

Jobless and lazy adults, Peter and Paul believe their father is a failure and where he had failed they want to excel. 

In their bid to make a living, the duo of Peter and Paul decided to make money by telling all that cares to listen that the village masquerade is sick and it needs they need to raise money to take care of the ‘spirit’. By so doing they have gone against the village culture and tradition and also smear their father’s name.

When their father rebukes them, the duo of Peter and Paul said they have disown their father.

After lazing around all day, Peter and Paul, wants to eat like a king but they meet their match in their step mother who makes them realize that there is no food for a lazy man. A fight ensues where Peter and Paul try to undress their father’s wife in their bid to get the key to the kitchen.

The villagers are angry with Peter and Paul for desecrating the village tradition, their father is not happy with them for soiling his name, watch what will happen to Paul and Peter in Nollywood comic movie, Village Hunter.

Village Hunter a is a Destiny Production Limited movie and it stars actors like Chiwetalu Agu, Bishop Imeh,  Geraldian Ejiogu , Chike Ejiogu and others. It is produced by Nnam Joseph Uchenna and directed by Evans Orji.


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