Housewife Mysteriously Dies In Lover’s Custody

Housewife Mysteriously Dies In Lover’s Custody

There was shock and confusion at Ejigbo, after a housewife Joy Bakare impregnated by her secret married lover died in her lover’s custody.

PM News reports that the incident happened at Aya-Oye Street, Ejigbo, Lagos, where her lover, simply called Fatai, kept her after she became pregnant for him.

It was gathered that Joy already had three children from her estranged husband, while Fatai was also married and had kids.  The adulterer did not reveal the relationship with Joy to his wife until the fateful day when the tragedy happened.

To cover up Joy’s pregnancy Fatai relocated her from her matrimonial home to a single mother’s apartment, where she gave birth to the twins, a baby boy and a girl.

A few days after the childbirth, Joy was brought back to the woman’s flat, where she was found dead foaming from her mouth.

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The woman who harbored her in the flat heard the babies crying, went to Joy’s room and found the dead body on the top of a bed.

The cause death is yet to be ascertained as there was no report of autopsy from any doctor.

However, trouble started after the woman, who offered harborage for Joy, contacted her husband and family members, but they rejected her corpse. After that a shocked woman contacted Fatai who also refused to take responsibility for the burial. Luckily, Joy’s elder sister agreed to accept the corpse for burial.

Meanwhile, the babies were handed over to Fatai who took them to his house, where his wife eventually knew about her husband’s adultery.

Source: Legit

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