I Can’t Withdraw Money Without My Wife’s Permission - Actor Abubakar Yakubu, Wife Talk About Their Marriage

I Can’t Withdraw Money Without My Wife’s Permission - Actor Abubakar Yakubu, Wife Talk About Their Marriage

Abubakar Yakubu is a Nollywood actor who has been married to Precious for eight years.

In this interview, they talk about their marriage and how they cope together as a couple;

How they met?

Yakubu: I met her before she left secondary school. She was in her final year then. She was a very innocent and naive girl who took me like a friend and teacher she could talk and relate to.

Precious: Two months after we met, I realised that he was the person God wanted me to marry. Though I was young, I knew that I would say yes if he proposed to me.

On religious differences:

Yakubu: She was not a Muslim when we married; she has always been a Christian and we still practice our individual religions till date.

Parents reaction over religious differences:

Yakubu: They were reluctant but in the Koran, it is stated that a Moslem man can marry a Christian woman. It is only a Muslim woman who cannot marry from another religion. Moreover, religion should add to people’s happiness instead of taking away from it. If God has designed that this is the way we should be, I should not be the one to change it. I follow her to church and to deliverance service, I also fast with them. God is one. It is only when people worship something else that they become scared of God. In my wife’s church, you pray for yourself, just like in Islam. The solutions to people’s problems are with God and if people seek Him, He will answer them.

On if she is worried about marrying an actor:

Precious: No. I was not because my husband is not like any other actor. I have known him for a long time now. He is not a womaniser, I was in secondary school when he met me, he gave me time to go to the university, I graduated and went for National Youth Service Corps, but he waited for me. That obviously showed that he was in love and if a man is in love, even when he sees other women, he would not be tempted. He is a wonderful man and if I should come back to this world a second time, he would be my husband.

Why he did not settle down with an actress;

Yakubu: It is destiny. Probably, if I had seen and fallen in love with someone else, I would have married her; unfortunately I did not see anyone. I dated my wife for 13 years before we married. I have been in the industry for more than 30 years but I have not been attracted to anybody enough to want to settle down with her. Besides, there were not so many women in the industry in the 90s and the few girls in the industry at the time were Christians. Socially and religiously, I needed somebody who could understand and relate with me and take me as I was.

How they deal with misunderstanding;

Yakubu: I apologise a lot even when she is at fault.

Precious: Before we got married eight years ago, he was always the first to apologise. Since we got married, he flexes his ego but we always find a way to settle our differences. It is either I call him or he sends me short message on my phone.

On whether they operate a joint account;

On if she prevents him from taking money;

Precious: There has been no time like that. I would never prevent him from taking money because he has given me enough privilege, telling him not to take money would be taking things for granted considering the fact that there are men who do not allow their wives to know what is in their accounts.

What angers them about each other:

Precious: Sometimes, he stays out late with his friends and they have too much to drink.

Yakubu: The normal thing women do to offend a man but she is more like a sister, whenever she misbehaves, I will pretend as if I am angry and put her back on track. We would laugh about it later. There is no definitive character in her that I don’t like.

Source: Legit.ng

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