6 Must-Listen To Radio Stations In Lagos

6 Must-Listen To Radio Stations In Lagos

Editor's Note: Lagos is home to many exciting radio stations that sometimes you wish you could tune in to all of them at the same time. Lagosians listen to radio all the time. Many residents tune in to the stations in the mornings on their way to work, in the office or when returning after a tough day at work. Radio helps in cutting back the stress in traffic or at home. It is also source of information.

Here are six of the radio stations in Lagos that can help you make it through the day:

Lagos Traffic Radio: Tune to this station for the latest on traffic situation in Lagos as you navigate your way to work.

6 Must-Listen To Radio Stations In Lagos

Lagos State Traffic Radio provides updates on Traffic

Top Radio 90,9: The ever energetic morning show ‘Area’ anchored by Tosyn Bucknor remains a big reason you to tune to the station. With a more grounded appeal, Top Radio has continued to steal the show in the day breaks in Lagos.

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Inspiration 92.3 FM: Inspiration FM tops the list of a must tuned-in radio station as you navigate your way to work today. With inspirational music and solemn motivational talks to get you through the day, their on air personalities certainly make one look forward to another interesting and fulfilling day. The station is suitable for everybody no matter the age.

6 Must-Listen To Radio Stations In Lagos

The Inspirational Talk in the morning is motivating

WAZOBIA 95.1 FM: If you are looking to listen to hilarious programmes broadcast in plain pidgin English, Wazobia FM mainstream all their programmes in pidgin English which makes it appealing to every Nigerian. The station can easily be listened to by the market woman, the bus driver and passengers in public buses. The fact that they speak only pidgin is their selling point.

6 Must-Listen To Radio Stations In Lagos

The Pidgin Speaking Radio has mass appeal among the masses

6 Must-Listen To Radio Stations In Lagos

Noted for its early morning show and news

NIGERIA INFO 99.3: the ‘Talk, News and Sports’ station has become the go-to for current affairs and relevant info on sports, entertainment and more.The morning show is fantastic.

6 Must-Listen To Radio Stations In Lagos

Note for its morning show and music


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BEAT 99.9 FM: Listened to the news broadcast on BEAT and get information on breaking news.

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