6 Ways To Avoid Lekki-Ajah Expressway Traffic In Lagos

6 Ways To Avoid Lekki-Ajah Expressway Traffic In Lagos

Editor's Note: The notorious traffic on the Lekki-Ajah Expressway is the most feared in Lagos. On a bad or good day, the traffic snarl extends through the entire length of the expressway. Lagosians avoid it like plague. Even Lagos taxis avoids Lekki or charge exorbitantly to take passengers to the route. But the Lekki traffic can be avoided.

Here are a few tips for you cope with Lekki traffic:

6 Ways To Avoid Lekki-Ajah Expressway Traffic In Lagos
Lekki Toll gate is a major source of daily traffic

Leave your house early: Leaving home early means just that. It means leaving as early as 4.30am if you leave beyond Ajah towards Epe. It is dangerous not to do so because you might get caught up in the traffic snarl around Abraham Adesanya junction where you could get caught up for 2 hours on a bad day. For those living along Badore Road, leaving home a few minutes to 5am can still guarantee your safe passage. The Lekki Aja traffic can stretch through the entire Expressway. So avoid it as much as you can.

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Use the alternative routes: The alternative routes provide relief to get off the main expressway. They are two alternative routes. The Chevron Toll Point and the Admiralty Alternative Route which branches to New Market and Oniru takes you directly to Victoria Island. Both routes can save you when traffic builds up at both points.

Leave home after rush hour: If you must leave home at all on any day in Lekki, then it must be after rush hour which lasts sometimes till 11.ooam. By this time, early risers would have left home which now leaves the expressway free of traffic.

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Leave office before closing hour: Returning from work presents the worst traffic situation in Lekki. At this time, motorists are eager to get home as soon as possible. Your best if you want to avoid the Lekki traffic that stretches the entire length of the expressway is to leave before 4pm.

Avoid Oando Gas Station: The Oando filling station at Chisco Bus stop has become a major traffic bottleneck since the scarcity of petrol began. On a daily basis, a long line of vehicles can be seen stretching several kilometers. This is a major traffic issue on the expressway. The Oando gas station traffic has become a major traffic problem on Lekki Expressway. The best way to avoid its traffic is to avoid rush hour traffic that builds up due to the long queue.

Use Public the Public Transport System: No doubt the public transport system is chaotic but it provides a relief from the stress of everyday traffic. There is a Bus Rapid Transit in Ilaje bus stop. They ply the the Obalende, CMS and Oshodi routes every day. Using the buses can save you from fatigue and stress.

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