How To Enjoy A Rainy Day In Lagos

How To Enjoy A Rainy Day In Lagos

Editor’s Note: "Rain, rain, go away:” We all remember the lullaby we sang when we were children which still did not prevent the rain from coming down. Yes, the rains are here. In Lagos, the rain often brings gloomy weather and fear for residents living in flood prone areas. As a result, some Lagosians hate the rain. But you don’t have to. Here is how to make the most of the gray weather in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

1. Eat Hot Pepper Soup  To Keep Warm: Every Lagosian knows that a hot, spicy bowl of pepper soup can keep him or her warm. So if you are visiting Lagos for the first time or you are a long time resident, pepper soup comes in various kinds. Visit any of the pepper soup joints to savour the delicacy.

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 2.Just enjoy the weather: If you have ever found yourself in Lagos in the dry season, you will be thankful that the rains are here. Lagos has two weather extremes—the scorching heat of the hot season and the soothing coolness of the wet season. The rainy season presents a welcome relief for the uncomfortable weather of the hot dry season. If anything, just enjoy the weather. It is healthy.

3.Stay at home with your Spouse and Family: There is a saying in Lagos that the wet season is the time to make babies. If there is one fun thing to in this season, just chilling at home in the warmth of loved ones provides the greatest fun. Well, yes, you may say you have to work. But you can still close early to be with your spouse.

 4.Get Stuff Done: You know, that annoying stuff that keeps showing up on your to-do list because you keep ignoring it  The cool weather provides the best opportunity to get those things off your list.Once the sun comes out, you will find a reason not to go out to do them. Now is the time to complete the task.

5.Just Snuggle in Bed or on the Couch: Yes you heard me right. Rainy days especially during the weekend are the time to snuggle on the sofa with your favourite TV programme or a magazine.

 6.Make Coffee or Tea: If you are in the office or at home, the rainy day provides the time to make a hot cup of coffee. Sit back and savour the sweet aroma while you work or browse.

7.Watch your Favourite Nollywood Movie: Lagos provides some of the best movie spots located both on the Island and Mainland Lagos. For Island residents, the Galleria on Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, and Shoprite in Ikeja for Mainland residents will be great places to hang out for a good movie

8.Read a book. Spend those rainy days engrossed in a good book either at home or in your hotel room. Reading is a great way to go on an adventure without having to leave your house. It becomes a great adventure on a rainy day. Find a book on your bookshelf or download a book onto your electronic reader.

9. Write a story. Open up your imagination and write a story. Find the idea of your story and start writing. Have fun with it as you create your own world.

10. Enjoy the rain. Sit out on your porch or balcony with a mug of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. Listen to the sound of the rain and watch it as it falls. Take the time to relax and focus on the weather instead of on life.





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