BREAKING: Buhari's First Decision As President

BREAKING: Buhari's First Decision As President

President Muhammadu Buhari said in his inauguration speech that until Boko Haram is defeated the army headquarters will be situated in Maiduguri, not in Abuja.

BREAKING: Buhari's First Decision As President

Buhari's first decision as the president of Nigeria is the order to relocate the military command centre from Abuja to Maiduguri immediately:

“My appeal for unity is predicated on the seriousness of the legacy we are getting into. With depleted foreign reserves, falling oil prices, leakages and debts the Nigerian economy is in deep trouble and will require careful management to bring it round and to tackle the immediate challenges confronting us, namely; Boko Haram, the Niger Delta situation, the power shortages and unemployment especially among young people.

“For the longer term we have to improve the standards of our education. We have to look at the whole field of medicare. We have to upgrade our dilapidated physical infrastructure.

“The most immediate is Boko Haram’s insurgency. Progress has been made in recent weeks by our security forces but victory can not be achieved by basing the Command and Control Centre in Abuja.

“The command centre will be relocated to Maiduguri and remain until Boko Haram is completely subdued. But we can not claim to have defeated Boko Haram without rescuing the Chibok girls and all other innocent persons held hostage by insurgents.

“This government will do all it can to rescue them alive. Boko Haram is a typical example of small fires causing large fires. An eccentric and unorthodox preacher with a tiny following was given posthumous fame and following by his extra judicial murder at the hands of the police.

“Since then through official bungling, negligence, complacency or collusion Boko Haram became a terrifying force taking tens of thousands of lives and capturing several towns and villages covering swathes of Nigerian sovereign territory.”

Maiduguri is the capital of Borno state, and it has a strategic meaning for the whole North East. The Boko Haram sect has been mastering a plan to recapture the city since its eviction from the area in 2009.

The terrorists proved that their intentions are serious by launching an attack on Maiduguri, in the midnight of May 29, killing seven people.


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