Nigerian Student In UK Writes Letter To Buhari

Nigerian Student In UK Writes Letter To Buhari

A Nigerian student Adebanjo O. Aladetan from the University of Roehampton, London, United Kingdom wrote the open letter to Muhammadu Buhari advising him on first steps as Nigeria’s president.

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It should be noted that former military ruler will be swear-in to the office on May 29, Friday.

The president-elect is currently in the UK for private visit.

Muhammadu Buhari has become the first Nigerian to defeat a sitting president through the ballot box, putting him in charge of Africa's most populous nation and its biggest economy.

Read the letter below:

I wish to personally congratulate you on your success in the Nigerian General Presidential Election of 28 March, 2015.

I have aired my views quite a number of times in many journals, stating that Nigeria needs a God-sent political messiah who can place the country where it ought to be in the world stage; a political messiah who can rewrite our political history and change the course of history.

General Muhammadu Buhari, when I heard that you have been chosen as the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), I was extremely happy.

With the selection of the legal luminary Professor Osinbanjo as your running mate, I became happier and felt that all my wishes had been fulfilled. I knew one day we would be able to see a set of capable and competent hands that would captain the lost Nigerian political ship to safety.

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Your Excellency, the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari, history has revealed to us the impact of former President of United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. Before signing the declaration to abolish slave trade, the wickedest trade on earth of buying and selling humans, he said, “If my name ever goes into history, it will be for this act of justice”.

We also heard about Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., and his prophetic speech “I have a dream”. He waged war against segregation between whites and blacks in the United States of America. His legacy cannot be forgotten in human race and around the world.

Nelson Mandela did not support the apartheid regime in South Africa. He worked tirelessly against the racist regime and liberated his people: a legacy that will remain permanently in the minds and hearts of the present generation of South Africa as well as those of generations to come. When Nelson Mandela died, he was buried by the entire globe, and the speeches made by the world’s political leaders presented him as one of the greatest political icons of our generation.

We cannot escape history and the impact of the competent war leader of Great Britain, Winston Churchill, in the war against Adolf Hitler between 1944 and 1945, during the Second World War. Churchill has been described as one of the greatest Prime Ministers of Britain, a great orator of our generation. Records revealed that he used his oratory power to change the minds of millions of Britons to enlist in the British army, which waged war against the senseless Second World War that took millions of lives in Europe. He was also the co-founder of the United Nations.

We heard about the unforgettable history of Mahatma Gandhi in India, with his legacy of free education. To bring my message home, Chief Obafemi Awolowo was known for free education in Nigeria, a legacy that will remain in indelible in the minds of the Yoruba people and all Nigerians.

Your Excellency, Nigerians tested your governance when you were with General Tunde Idiagbon. That regime has been described as the best government in the political history in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. But the men in uniform did not allow Nigeria to get the best out of you and General Tunde Idiagbon.

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However, God has given you a second chance to tell the world how you love your fatherland Nigeria; how you were made and what you believe in about good governance in the human race, like someone in the corridor of power that could not be forgotten from generation to generation, like the name of Abraham Lincoln has been magnified in American political history, and the name of Gandhi has been written on a platter of gold in India, and the people of Great Britain will remember the role of Winston Churchill, who stood in the gap for his people with his talented mastering of English language as a great orator of our generation.

These political icons were not the only people who came to power in their respective countries. However, when their names lingers on or when the name of a leader sounds like a bell, there are reasons for that in world history. Our hopes are very high in the government Nigerians have chosen you to lead. A country that is too big to fail, the most populous nation of the black race, the richest country in the continent of Africa, home of intellectuals and potentials.

We need a courageous leader to unveil the potentialities buried in our people, this is why every individual of our nation voted for you. We need you to reshape both the political and economic history of this dynamic era of our time. We want to tell you that we all love you and you are not corrupt, but please be reminded that the entire lives of Nigerians are in your hands and you are the hope of the masses.

I read and studied about the characteristics of God Almighty who is always looking for a man in every generation of mankind. For the Israelites, God used Moses to lead the people to the Promise Land, In the Islamic world, God gave Prophet Mohammed in Medina, God also used Noah to save his generation during the first flood that was recorded in the Bible.

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Your Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari, I am of the humble opinion that God Almighty has been looking for you to captain our lost political ship, which has gone astray to safety and that God has ordained you to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2015.

My general advice are as follows:

1. Please relaunch the war against indiscipline, avoid involving corrupt politicians of the old regime at both state and federal levels; instead, make use of potential candidates and intellectuals both at home and abroad. Ministers should be appointed in acting capacity to see the best in them before their appointments are being confirmed.

2. The declaration of assets of the officials who will be working with your government is very necessary. Ministers that owns private jets should be thoroughly investigated.

3. Huge transfers from one bank to another before and after the presidential election should be forwarded to CBN and EFCC for verification.The EFCC should be Strenthened and more powers should be given to the commission.

4. The police force should be reorganised and a capable hand should be looked for to be the inspector general of the police.

5. Please look for capable hands and competent personnel to man the Nigerian port authority. Due to the lack of competent leadership, Nigeria has lost billions to other countries that are able to put their port authorities in order.

6. In terms of the legal system, the problems and the odds of our country are entirely on Nigerian judges, who have held the legal system of our dear fatherland with corrupt and imperfect hands. I, therefore, admit that the problem of our country is our judges, individuals who hold the place of God to pass the right judgment and provide justice to all.

7. Education is the light of the world, and we need competent hands to handle this sector.

8. Agriculture is the backbone of every economy and it plays a crucial role in the generation of employment opportunities. Agriculture not only provides food and raw materials but also provides employment opportunities to a very large proportion of population.

9. Health is another sector that requires improvement.

10. Road maintenance is also very important.

11. The power sector also requires close attention.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Written by Adebanjo O. Aladetan



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