Five Children Brutally Tortured 6-Yr-Old Boy To Death

Five Children Brutally Tortured 6-Yr-Old Boy To Death

A group of five children tortured, murdered and buried a 6-year-old boy during a kidnap game in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Christopher Raymundo Marquez went missing last week and his lifeless body was found only three days after the murder.

A team of investigators on the incident found out that the toddler was lured by his kith on the pretext of having fun and collecting firewood at the side of the stream.

It was gathered that once the victim got to the place, the children tied the unsuspecting boy up, almost asphyxiated him with a stick, stoned him until he died and even after that stabbed him in the back.

Then one of them dug a hole and the others dragged Cristopher's body into the shallow grave face down. In order to cover up the crime they  placed soil, grass and the body of a dead animal over the top of the hole.

What is even more scaring is that the boy's killers had taken part in the search for Christopher with their families before his body was found by police.

Later two 13-year-old girls, an 11-year-old boy and two 15-year-old boys confessed that they just wanted to simulate a kidnapping game.

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Speaking to journalists, Christopher's mother, Tania, said: "What I want is justice. If justice isn't done, we'll make sure it's done with our own hands. I, as a mom, demand justice. How are they going to set these children free? They haven't done these horrible things to a dog, they've done them to a child."  The two 15-year-olds face criminal charges and the younger children were turned over to juvenile authorities, all five will undergo psychological and sociological studies.


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