Personal Tragedy: Man Turned Impotent After Being Accidentally Shot by Lagos Policeman (PHOTO)

Personal Tragedy: Man Turned Impotent After Being Accidentally Shot by Lagos Policeman (PHOTO)

When Tayo Ajasa, 34, left his house at about 11 p.m. on August 5, 2013, to find something to eat, he had not idea about the danger that lurked around the corner at the Janet Fagbemi Street, scene of the incident.

The victim, Tayo Ajasa, is the father of two, born in Ogun State. He works as a drives and came home late at that fateful evening. Tayo decided to go to food vendor in Diamond estate, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos, to get something to eat for his late diner.

He was about being handed a plate of Indomie he ordered for, when a drunken man later identified as Corporal Mohammed Abubakar, attached to Mopol 17, Ondo State, shot indiscriminately at everyone on sight. Like everyone else, he took to his heels. Unfortunately for him, the plain-clothed policeman shot him at close range. Bullets pierced Tayo’s thigh inflicting grave injuries to his groin and left arm.

Consequently, Tayo was rushed to a clinic at Festac Town, Lagos, where after obtaining a police report at the clinic’s request, he was admitted and is currently receiving treatment.

Tayo Ajasa said to reporters that even though his condition had improved, he was saddled with the burden of clearing his medical bills. “As you can see, I am getting much better compared to when I was first rushed here last week. I am thankful to God and also to my friends who spared no time in rushing me to the clinic.

Although when they brought me here, the hospital management asked us to go and get a medical report from the Police station. We went to Festac Police station and they issued us one. They started treatment when we came with the report and the next day, I was operated upon.

My only fear now is the issue of paying up the bills. Without being told and judging by the quality of treatment I am receiving here, the bill must be on the high side. I am just a driver; I can not foot the bill. I need the police authority that the perpetrator represented to come to my aid.

This incident has caused I and members of family much ordeal. As it is now, I don’t know if I will be able to father any more children in future. I did not bargain for this,” the father of two lamented.

According to Dr. Jude Mbama, the Chief Medical Director of St. Jude’s Hospital Tayo Ajasa was initially brought in at about 11.45 p.m. on August 5, 2013, in a pool of his blood, but they swung into action as soon as he was brought back with the report.

Dr. Mbama also started that Tayo’s situation was very bad when they first brought him “but by God’s grace, we were able to get him to the state he is now.

The not-so-pleasant news here is the damage done to the patient’s productive organ. This is because his right testicle was badly affected. This situation could be challenging in terms of productivity.

Another challenge we face here is the bill settlement, but like medical ethics demands, our main focus is to get the victim back to his feet within the next couple of weeks, then we will decide how best to sort that out,” he said. 

Source: Legit Nigeria

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