Bode George Takes Himself Too Seriously - Tinubu's Aide

Bode George Takes Himself Too Seriously - Tinubu's Aide

Sunday Dare, media aide to Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress national leader, commented on Tinubu's alleged apology to Bode George.

In a last week interview Chief Bode George, the Peoples Democratic Party leader in Lagos state, narrated how the APC leader once apologized to him:

"Otudeko was also there and he said, ‘today at the burial of our mutual friend, Arisekola, we should end our hostility’ and I told them that he was involved in the conspiracy to lock me up. They called Bola, he shook my hand and said he was sorry. It was in public. Since then, if we meet in public, we greet each other but our concepts of politics are different."

In reaction to the claim, Dare insisted that George's words should be taken as the meditations of a man in search of political relevance.

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Dare told Vanguard on April 27, Monday:

"Bode George takes himself too seriously. He is in search of political relevance, which has since deserted him."

He further continued:

"To seek political rehabilitation through a bogus claim that Tinubu begged him for forgiveness is unexpected of a leader like him.

"Tinubu bears Bode George no ill feelings. Although Bode George has used every media interview to attack Tinubu, Tinubu has hardly responded.

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"The task of nation building, presently at hand, is more urgent than this distraction."

Earlier this year the PDP leader made the news as he insisted that  he would consider going into exile if Muhammadu Buhari won the presidential election.

Afther Buhari's victory Tinubu mocked George's claim saying that he could relocate wherever he wants already tomorrow.

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