Woman Claims Easter Miracle After Spotting Face of Jesus

Woman Claims Easter Miracle After Spotting Face of Jesus

An unusual depiction of the son of God appeared in different forms and places, icluding pancakes, apples, waves, Northern lights, and even toilets. This time the image of Jesus Christ was spotted by a shop assistant in a pack of hot cross bun in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England, UK.

Mother-of-two Lindsey Norman  noticed Christ's tiny face looking out of a pack of the traditional Easter buns in her local supermarket in. While her family was preparing for tea with dessert Ms Norman opened the pack with cross buns and was petrified of what she saw.

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She said: "I saw them and thought that looks just like a figure of Jesus with a sign of the cross on his shoulder". It made me giggle to myself because it's coming up to Easter." The cross bun is traditionally eaten by Christians on Good Friday and is supposed to remind people of the day Jesus died on the cross.

By the way, last week a similar miracle appearance happened in the San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia, when a landslide revealed the face of Jesus. So many worshippers flocked to a hillside that a police presence was necessary to manage the crowds as Christians from across the country descended on the hill to witness the miracle.

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